Monday, February 4, 2013

Cedar Key - Day # 38 - Preparing for liftoff, and the "Super Bust"

The second half of the Super Bowl.....really Super Bust.....has barely started and it is already 28-6 Ravens.  Very disappointing performance by the 49er offense, defense and special teams.....pretty much a team defeat, and well earned (shortly after I wrote this the lights went out at the Superdome for 40+ minutes......when the game resumed the 49ers went on a 17-0 run, but ultimately lost 34-31.....their first half performance cost them the game).

Our day started around 7:30......very chilly last night....outside......warm and comfortable inside, of course.  I needed to get over to the trailer to do a couple of last minute things to Pat's bike before I delivered it to him, so I dove right into writing Saturday's blog, had some Raisin Bran, and then beat a path over to the trailer.  Below you can get a good look at the GT STS-1 all put back together, adjusted, and ready to ride.

By 10 am I was putting the final touches on the trailer in preparation for loading the T-Bird Monday.  Other than these final preparations to the trailer, it felt like any other Cedar Key day.  By Noon TLE and I were walking into town, for the last time, to have lunch with Krash and Karen at Pat's on 2nd Street.  TLE and I walked along slowly holding hands, talking about our time here in Cedar Key and what lays ahead in the next few weeks.....smelling the familiar smell of the salt in the air, feeling the touch of the cool breeze coming off the water, and the warmth of the sun on our faces.  Couldn't ask for a better final Cedar Key day.  We tell each other often we are so happy we are sharing this journey with our best friend.

As we came abreast of Krash and Karen's apartment we were greeted by an excited Pipa barking at us from the upper deck.  We yelled greetings back to her as she was led back into the apartment, and then proceeded on with Karen and Krash into town.  We have really enjoyed getting to know them better since they arrived close to three weeks ago.  To be sure we will miss them a lot, but we know we will see them again, just as we will the other nomads we have spent time with here.  Yes, we do include them in our Nomadic group.....they may not move about the country in an RV, but they do move about the country a lot changing their view.  

The food at Pat's was excellent, just as it has been the previous 3 times we have dined there.  Frankly, we have not really had a bad meal the entire time we have been here, and as you know, we have transferred money to almost every restaurant in town multiple times.

After lunch, of course, we visited Deja Vu Consignment where TLE found two cool pairs of earrings (no books.....:D).  While she was inside I browsed through a local yard sale and found a cool wind chime made out of discarded forks and spoons.  We then stopped at Sandy's Produce one final time saying goodbye to Todd and Sandy, and then back to Sunset Isle to get ready for our Super Bowl Party.....the plan was for a few of the remaining NuRVers to get together and watch the game outside by the fire.  Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate....the wind came up (still blowing as I write), and the temperature dropped....the forecast was for 47 degrees by half we called an audible and decided to meet at the Tiki Bar instead.

In preparation for our original party TLE had made a couple gallons of salsa, so we gathered that up with the taco chips and drove over to the Tiki Bar around 5:30 to grab a seat for the Super Bowl.   We spent time saying our "goodbyes" saying "Hello!" to Krash and Karen, Bill and Debby, Pat and Cindy, Russ, Jay, and numerous others.  By half time, even with the wood burning fireplace generating heat, it was getting chilly, so we bid farewell to our friends, and headed back to Sunset Isle for the final time this trip.  

Tomorrow a new adventure begins.  We will travel about 98 miles to Fruitland Park to visit Jim and Jacque Crehan whom we met at last October....they were in the pull through spot on the passenger side of our site.  They are now camp hosts at a Methodist Church camp, where we will spend a few days.

Below you see our 38th and final sunset at Cedar Key, taken at the Tiki Bar......

# 38 - at the Tiki Bar

By the way, Super Bust became a Super Bowl with the Ravens edging the 49ers by just 3 points.  I had just posted on Facebook the following diatribe: 

"As Don Meredith (former Cowboys quarterback, and MNF announcer) used to croon when it was obvious a game was over....."Turn out the lights, the party's over..."  

Within a minute, or so of that post the lights literally went out in the Superdome for over 40 minutes......when the game resumed the 49ers went on a 17-0 run pulling  within 5 points, only to lose at the end by 3 points.  All I ever want in a Super Bowl is a close game decided in the last few minutes, and I got my wish.

Tomorrow, for the first time in 38 days you will not see the familiar title "Cedar Key - Day #....", and you will not see a Cedar Key sunset, but there will be new views, new friends, and new adventures.....stay tuned.....we're just getting warmed up!

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  1. As you begin your next exciting adventure, we sit still today with red, tear-filled eyes, and Pipa's bark a tinged with a little sadness. Maybe I need to start a blog today, to express how much our new friendship means to us. Nah, then I'd be putting myself 'out there'. :)

    We know we will meet again many times down the road, hopefully sooner than later. Serendipity will strike again.

    Be safe in your adventures, our fellow Nomads.

    Karen, Krash, and Pipa


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