Sunday, February 24, 2013

Not feeling clever today....

 Most days I can come up with a clever title for my daily blog entry, but for some reason nothing clever comes to mind for Saturday.  After taking care of Friday's entry, and draining the gray tank into our host's sewer cleanout (real glamorous stuff to be sure) TLE and I took a walk into Port Salerno to have a glass of ice tea at the Whistle Stop Cafe.  It's a nice destination for a walk because it is around 1.6 miles each way.....very similar to walking into Cedar Key from Sunset Isle RV Park.  Since we are only a few blocks from the ocean the area is riven with canals, marinas, boatyards, basins, and waterways.

The interesting thing about the area around Stuart is that every single day we take a walk, or a drive we have have multiple manatee sightings.  When we went to the places up north where some of the remote springs are actually named for the manatee (Manatee Springs for instance) we saw nary a one.  However, here in the middle of suburbia we see them every day of the week, and twice on Sunday.......Saturday was no exception.  

This little basin is about 300 yards from the Whistle Stop

Saturday is part of a 4 day stretch where the temps are getting into the mid to high 80's, it is overcast, and the humidity is a little higher.  Needless to day, by the time we returned home we were both ready to "cool" down a little, so I turned on the front AC, and put a movie in the DVD player......HARVEY.....starring Jimmy Stewart.  Haven't watched it for years, but enjoyed seeing it again.  If you enjoy some of the old black and white movies you will like this one....very well written.

We really had no big plans for Saturday so while Ernie was at a martial arts class TLE and I took a drive in search of the local thrift stores, of which, we discovered, there are many, many, many.  We only got through 4 of them, and there are least a half dozen more.  I picked up another t-shirt and a pair of board shorts. TLE picked up a pair of shorts, 3 sleeveless wicking shirts, and one cost for all of our acquisitions was around $12.

Carol comes home from her job up in Vero Beach Saturday evenings so we wanted to have a nice dinner with she and Ernie.  We stopped by "The Fresh Market" and picked up some Copper River Salmon to BBQ.

Around 6 pm we adjourned to the upper deck area above the "Paradise Club" (the name Ernie has given to his screened in patio,which does resemble a "tiki bar") to watch the sun was quite cloudy, but we were able to catch the sun right at the end peeking out under the cloud cover.  Not long after this we had about a 20 minute down pour.

We had a lovely dinner....the salmon steaks came out perfectly.....and of course they did...I was the "grill master".

Thanks for stopping by!

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