Friday, January 12, 2018

Desert View - Day 63 - Revolving door

6:04 am - Friday - January 12th - Grand Canyon - 29º F, humidity 59%, wind 1 mph out of the south by will be sunny with a forecast high of 51º F....BP 121/74.

When I woke up Thursday TLE said she would not be able to go to work.....she described having 'this sort of rattle' in her breathing', and couldn't stop coughing.....okay, that's not good.  I was scheduled for the 'close' shift so I suggested I drive her over to the Clinic at the Grand Canyon Village to be checked out.....we don't want her getting pneumonia, right?  We notified the appropriate supervisors at work that TLE would not be working Thursday and left for the Clinic about 8 am.  

The windshield on the VW was encrusted with  a thick sheet of ice that took a while to defrost, but finally we were ready to go.  Now, normally it would take about 35 minutes to drive to the Clinic, but the roads one day removed from our rain/snow storm were very slick at 8 am, so I drove quite slowly for about 20 minutes until the road conditions improved.  We did arrive at the clinic about 8:50 am, and TLE was in the 'little room' by 10 am.  The doctor examined her and determined she did not have pneumonia, but bronchitis.....she had bronchitis about 32 years ago when she was pregnant with our 4th child, Sharon.  Within an hour she had her prescriptions and an note saying she shouldn't work again until Saturday at the earliest (we're off Saturday and Sunday this week, so she won't work again until Monday.....good!).  We stopped by the Marketplace and picked up a few things and were back home by 11 am.  

I sat down to take a brief nap before work, TLE made me a 1/2 tuna sandwich, and I was on my way driving to work by 11:50 am.  I'm not walking right now as the trail through the woods is full of red, slimy mud, and I don't like walking the road all the way to work...dont' like worrying about distracted tourists driving big cars.  The store, if it's possible, was even slower than Wednesday.....I spent most of my 5.5 hour shift stocking shelves, and only dropped about $110 at the end of the day......very, very slow indeed.

I'm glad we made the 50 mile round trip drive to the Village to be sure TLE wasn't getting pneumonia, and got her on the proper medications (inhaler and antibiotics) before things did progress in that direction.  Two other local employees have gotten pneumonia, and have been off work for about 10 days now.  Better to catch things while they are manageable.

My energy level Wednesday was better than it had been in a couple of weeks......I've been through a lot in that time and my body was just worn out.  Things seem to be stable blood pressure wise, I'm maintaining my weight loss, and I'm moving past this cold in record time.  Looking forward to getting back to hiking!

On a side note, I got a call from a good friend who worked with us at Tahoe Valley Campground a couple of years ago.  He said everyone (manager, maintenance manager, office manager, store manager, etc.) had just been fired and the only man left standing is the assistant manager, Victor, so the revolving manager door continues to whirl at TVC....they will now be looking for their 7th manager in less than 4 years......WOW, just WOW!

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