Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Desert View - Day 67 - 10 down....


7:18 am - Tuesday - January 16th - Grand Canyon - 35º F, 50% humidity, wind 7 mph out of the east by southeast....forecast high for today is 47º F with partly cloudy skies.

Monday, the beginning of a new work week which always begins for me with an 'open' shift.  For the time we have been here the schedule has had us alternating between 'open' and 'close' shifts, but TLE and I have been talking about one of us just taking all the 'open' shifts whilst the other took all the 'close' shifts.....just for the sake of continuity.  TLE really likes getting up a little later (7 am, or later), and I don't mind getting up at 5:30 am to be at work by 7:30.  I really enjoy the 'open' shift, especially when I am off work by 1 pm at the latest.....usually more like 12:30 pm.  It gives me the whole afternoon to putter around without any deadlines.  So, I think we'll talk to Dakota, our manager and scheduler, to make that change.

Since it was Martin Luther King day, and the end of a 3 day weekend we fully expected it would be at least as busy as Sunday, but it was not.  I didn't have my first paying customer until 10 am....I didn't have my first cash paying customer until 10:45 am.  I busied myself with straightening up the store shelves, refolding t-shirts/sweatshirts, putting stray products back where they belonged, mopping, vacuuming, fronting, cleaning glass, etc.

I ended up dropping $105.04 in cash a little after 12 pm.....TLE dropped almost $400 cash for her shift, so things did pick up after I left.  Since it was Martin Luther King day our manager decided to give all who worked on Monday a free meal in the Deli.  After I dropped my deposit, and punched the clock I went over to the Deli and had one of their Nathan's Beef hot dogs with onions and salsa.....yum!

I was home about 1:15 pm and set about doing a few chores.....doing the weekly (about 8 days really) dump of the black tank, and then airing up the Newell for the first time in a month.  I turned on the block heater about 1:35 pm so I could turn the big Detroit Diesel over about 90 minutes later.  Then I used my pancake compressor connected to the quick connect in the engine bay to put about 100 psi into the system.  I do this now before I start the engine when the coach has been sitting for a long time.  When I do start the 6v92 it only takes a few minutes to top off the air system at 120 psi.  The other advantage of doing this is the air system holds the air longer.....why I don't know, but it does.  Sitting here week after week in very cold temperatures is not very conducive to holding air pressure in any air system, especially in one that is 36 years old.  We've been here going on 10 weeks, and this is the third time I have run the Detroit Diesel for this purpose.

I spent the rest of the afternoon reading with one nice nap thrown in for good measure.  Around 5 pm I stacked some wood in the portable fireplace and lit the fire....it's been a while since we had a fire.....

.....TLE arrived home about 5:23 pm, but declined to sit by the fire....she is still getting over her bronchitis, and the smell of the fire did not agree with her.  I was inside within 15 minutes, and settling in for the evening.  Another day at Desert View in the books.....we are now on the home stretch of our time here....10 weeks down, 8 to go.

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