Monday, January 29, 2018

Desert View - Day 80 - I love you.....

5:47 am - Monday - January 29th - Grand Canyon - 39º F, 38% humidity, wind 9 mph out of the east by southeast (feels CALM).....forecast is for sunny skies with a high of 57º F.....BP 128/84.

Sunday morning in the General Store was a typical post holidays morning.....I didn't have my first customer until 9:45 am.  I spent most of the morning dusting, cleaning glass, straightening t-shirts, mopping, checking date codes on perishable items, fronting, cleaning the picnic tables outside the front doors, sweeping the front know, busy work.

Gradually business picked up and by the end of my shift I deposited $135.....much better than the $14 and change I had deposited the day before.  TLE reported that she deposited over $400 cash so it was a pretty busy afternoon.  I was on my way walking home by 12:25 pm looking forward to a nice afternoon reading, napping and possibly riding my stationary bike for 30 minutes.   As I walked I could not help but appreciate the quiet of the forest, and the smell of the trees.  We've been here now for 80 days, and it feels as if we have been here much feels feels right.  We are in a good rhythm....

I have only ridden my stationary bike one time since I had my stroke.....shortly after that I got sick, and have not really felt ready to ride it again until Sunday.  Finally, around 3 pm I got dressed in my workout clothes and went out to ride the really felt good to get on the bike and just spin for 30 minutes.  As I spun, I watched Super Bowl highlights from past Super Bowls on my trailer TV, which made the time pass quickly.

Once again TLE was home just before 5:30.....I hear the door on the VW shut as she exits the car and I walk to the door to greet her......I see her round the back of the trailer and smile that wonderful smile.......we hug, and exchange "I love you's" is good, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

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