Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Desert View - Day 81 - El Doctor

5:53 am - Tuesday - January 30th - Grand Canyon - 29º F, 49% humidity, wind 1 mph out of the south......partly cloudy skies today with a forecast high of 59º F.

Monday, Monday, so good to me (Mamas and Papas)......and that is all the lyric that really applies to this blog post about Monday.  Monday began slowly, continued to be slow and ended slowly.  I think between TLE and I we deposited less than $200 cash for the entire day.  That's not a bad thing for us.....it's nice to have a very, very slow day once and a while.

Most of our days the past month have been pretty generic, and there is not much to write about lately.  My lengthiest blog posts are about our days off work when we are actually doing something different, or interesting so I guess it's only natural that we wish we had more off days.  However, it is what it is, and so we meander on day by day.  Life isn't always exciting, and we aren't on vacation.....we're just living our lives day by day as vagabonds.  Being a vagabond is a lot like living in a 'sticks and bricks' home, except for the fact that we change our view on a regular basis.....we just don't live in the same place for years at a time.  Sometimes we spend 4-5 months in one place...sometimes just a few days, or weeks.  And that is probably why some of you read our blog to find out what our version of living the vagabond life looks like.  No two of us do it exactly the same.

Monday morning a female customer approached me to ask questions about my job, how I got it, and how I like it.  The conversation evolved into one about living in an RV full time, and moving from job to job.  She is near retirement and is seriously considering selling her home and moving about the country in an RV.  The longer we talked the more excited she became.  As I reflect back on our time here I realize how often that conversation has happened.  I would say I am approached at least once, or twice a week at a minimum by people interested in our lifestyle, and seasonal jobs.  They are often surprised to find out that there is a whole sub culture of people who have chosen the vagabond life, and are moving about the country living their lives more deliberately and simply.

TLE arrived just before 12 pm as she always does.....she is really, really enjoying being able to sleep in every single day, not just on our 'weekend'.  I'm enjoying being home before 1 pm every day.  She likes having time in the morning to prepare special dinners, to read, and just relax before she goes to work.

On this particular Monday I had another doctor's appointment over at the Grand Canyon Clinic.  This was a followup visit to check on my progress under my medication regime.  I have been keeping a record of my daily blood pressure readings for the past month, which he asked to review.  He was immediately impressed with my readings, and recommended no changes.  In fact, he said I would not need to return for 90 days.....well, I won't be here in 90 days and related to him that we are working a seasonal job.  He reminded me again that I basically won the lottery with such a minor stroke, and no after effects......many are not so lucky.  His office personnel will prepare copies of my records to transfer to my doctor in SoCal.  After my appointment I refilled my monthly prescription and headed over to the Marketplace to pick up a few necessities (vino, peanut butter, raisins, vodka, grapes, cheese, etc.) before heading back to Desert View.  I was home a little after 4 pm.

So, here I am 5 weeks post stroke feeling really good with ALL symptoms gone like the wind.  It could have been so much worse, and every single day I thank God that it was not worse.  Our lives could have changed dramatically that day, but it ended up just being a minor 'bump in the road'.....a wake up call, if you will.

Since I had the VW I drove over to the store a little after 5 pm to bring TLE home.....life is good!

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  1. Reminded that you "basically won the lottery" ... and it sounds like you had a good day!


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