Thursday, January 25, 2018

Desert View - Day 76 - A big end of day

7:47 am - Thursday - January 25th - Grand Canyon - 33º F, 29% humidity, wind 5 mph out of the south.....forecast is partly cloudy with a high of 51º F.  I could hear the wind blowing all night long, and as I write it is still blustery.  The forecast for today also includes winds in the 20-30 mph range.....should be an interesting day.

Wednesday was our second full day shift in as many days......I worked the 'open/close' shift (10 hours) at the General Store and TLE worked the 'open/close' shift (9 hours) at the Trading Post.  The day began as most do here at Desert View in late January.....very slow.  By the time I finished opening the store, dry mopping the entire retail store, then wet mopping the same floor it was after 9 am and I had not had a customer.  Finally at 9:30 I had my first customer, but by 11:30 I had only had 3 customers.  Then the roof fell in......over the last 5 hours of my shift I did almost $500 in cash sales, with many of them coming in the last hour......we closed the doors at 5 pm, but the last customer did not pass through the checkout lane until 5:10 pm.  Our manager, Dakota, was there at the end running the second register to help process all the customers, otherwise it would have been 5:30 before we cleared the store.

Around noon time my oldest daughter, Meredith, arrived at the General Store after driving over from her hotel in Tusayan.  There is still a lot of ice  from our last storm on the road that connects us with South Rim Village, so it was slow going for her in some sections.  We talked for a while before she walked down to see her mother at the Trading Post, then paid an obligatory visit to the Watchtower before heading back to Tusayan.  We will be off Thursday and Friday and be spending both days with her giving her a tour of our favorite places.

Around 5:30 pm TLE I clocked out of the General Store and drove over to the South Rim Village to meet Meredith for dinner at the Yavapai Tavern.  On our drive over we got to see first hand how icy the road is....there are probably about 8 miles where you can only drive about 25-30 mph.

We had a delightful dinner with Meredith....we all had the BLT, which is my favorite, and spent the entire time moving from one topic to another.  We always thoroughly enjoy our time with Meredith, and are so looking forward to Thursday and Friday.  Our drive back home to Desert View took a little over 40 minutes due to the ice, but we arrived home around 8:15 pm.  I was totally drained after 10 hours of work and then the drive to and from the South Rim Village.  Looking forward to a more relaxed time the next two days!

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  1. I'd imagine you were driving on a packed snow/ice at 25-30 mph rather than just ice.

    1. Rob, you are right, and my fault for not being more specific. It is/was packed snow/ice.

  2. Having lived in the "frozen north" most of our lives Tom and I would agree driving in any kind of snow but especially on snow packed and or icy roads is draining. Just thinking about it I realized my shoulders tensed up...:(. Be safe.