Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Desert View - Day 75 - A new viewpoint


5:38 am - Wednesday - January 24th - Grand Canyon - 23º F, humidity 49%, wind 5 mph out of the east by southeast......forecast if for sunny skies with a high of 49º F.

Tuesday was my first day working at the Trading Post, which is also run by Delaware North.  This store has a direct view of the Watchtower and the Grand Canyon and is located about 100 yards east of the General Store......

......this store sells a lot of Native American items (jewelry, dream catchers, pottery, Kachina dolls, etc.)......

Kachina doll

.....and it also has a coffee bar and ice cream is, needless to say, very popular with visitors.....

The coffee bar at the Trading Post about 11 am....empty shift there was a 9 hour shift (8:30 am to 5:30 pm) with a 30 minute off the clock lunch.  As is the case with the General Store, business was quite slow most of the day.  I ended up depositing around $214 in cash.  Most of the items in this store sell at a much higher cost, and it doesn't take many sales to break $200, so you get the picture.

When I took my 30 minute lunch break around noon time I walked up the General Store and sat at a table in the Deli to eat a sandwich and talk with TLE, which was's been a couple of months since we had lunch together on a work day.

I actually enjoyed the change in routine and the new view out the windows.....I went to the windows several times an hour to see the Watchtower and the Grand Canyon.  I also spent time reading a book when there were no customers in the store, which was most of the morning and afternoon.  Nevertheless, the time seemed to pass quickly and by 5:12 pm I had counted down my cash drawer and was walking up to the General Store where TLE had just finished working a 10 hour shift.  It is not often, in fact very rare, that TLE and I go home at the same time, and that was kind of nice, too. 

For dinner TLE heated up an enchilada casserole she had made a couple of days before.....yum!  Her enchilada casseroles always taste the best after a couple days aging in the refrigerator.  Again I say, I am a lucky guy!

Wednesday TLE and I will flip locations with her working a 9 hour shift at the Trading Post, and me back at the General Store for a 10 hour shift.  We'll be off Thursday and Friday and spending time with our oldest daughter, Meredith!

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