Monday, January 15, 2018

Desert View - Day 66 - Plan B mode

5:51 am - Monday - January 15th - Grand Canyon - 27º F, 72% humidity, wind - CALM....a rarity.  Forecast high for today is 58º F with partly cloudy skies.....BP 130/74.

Sunday we had planned to drive over to the Village to buy a few things at the Marketplace, and maybe do a little walking along the rim trail, but the Splendide door would not unlock so TLE could take out the laundry.  This has happened a few times before over the 9 years we have owned the Newell, but the door eventually will unlock overnight.....not this time however.  The only other thing that can be done to unlock the door is to take the top off the washer/dryer, reach down and manually hit the little lever that unlocks the door.  That is an involved job as we must empty out the pantry, remove the shelving, and the doors to get at top of the washer/dryer.....the actual process of unlocking the door takes just a minute, or so once I remove the top.  

So, our plans were changed, and we moved on to plan B.  Around mid morning TLE cleaned up the kitchen and then began to unload the pantry shelves on to the kitchen counters.  At least I didn't have to remove the washer from its very tight compartment.....that is a whole 'nother story.  By 11:30 I had removed the top, had the door unlocked, the top back on the washer, and the pantry put back together for TLE to put all the food back.

I spent some time out in the trailer, some time just standing outside in the sun, took a couple of naps, read a little, and watched a 'Breaking Bad' marathon for the rest of the was a nice plan 'B' kind of day.

Around 5 pm I lit the Sea-B-Que once again to grill some salmon steaks for our dinner, which TLE had soaked in teriyaki sauce all afternoon......yum!  I was in bed by 9:30 pm as I have the 'open' shift once again on Monday.  This will be kind of a long week for me....I'm scheduled to work 6 days with just Saturday as an off day, because there are several people sick, and we are down a couple of employees....I'll actually work a 10 hour shift on Wednesday to boot.  Hopefully things will settle back down after this week.

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