Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Desert View - Day 82 - 46 days......

7:26 am - Wednesday - January 31st - Grand Canyon - 28º F, 53% humidity, wind 2 mph out of the south by southwest.......forecast high for today is 60º F with mostly sunny skies.....WOW, here we are at the last day of January already....wasn't it just New Year's day?  We have just 46 days left in our tenure here at the Grand is moving pretty fast!

Tuesday was our 'Friday'.......we're back to being off work Wednesday's and Thursday's, which we love.  I didn't have my first customer at the cash register until almost 11 am, and ended up depositing just $35 in cash for my 5 hour shift.  On the other hand TLE deposited over $400, so you just never know how a day is going turn out this time of year.

Our weather continues to get warmer with temps edging into the 60's as was forecast.  I heard Phoenix set a temperature record for January 29th with a high in the 80's.  We're apparently under a high pressure ridge right now, which is responsible for the higher temperatures.  Whatever the reason it is nice to walk outside in a t-shirt and not worry about a jacket.  With the rise in temperatures the packed snow and ice that was on the road between us and the Village has finally melted.  We still have some snow on our site from the last storm on the 20th.

I had to drive over to the Village for the second day in a row because I discovered an error in my blood pressure medication.....the pharmacy had issued me 30 mg pills instead of the 20 mg I had been taking the first month.  Apparently the nurse made a typographical error when entering my medications in their computer.  The drive over can be done in 30 minutes if there is no traffic.  The speed limit (with a few exceptions) is 45 mph in Grand Canyon National Park just like Yellowstone.  Unfortunately there is always at least one driver who drives 30-35 mph, and there are only a few places where you can pass.  There are plenty of places for slow drivers to pull over and let faster moving traffic pass, but the slow drivers rarely, if ever, avail themselves of these opportunities.  When you are just trying to get from point A to point B and have already seen all the sites it gets a little frustrating to get stuck behind a 'slowby'.

I left Desert View just before 1 pm and was back just before 3 pm, at which time I changed into my riding/workout clothes and went out to do another 30 minutes on the stationary bicycle.  Every time I work out I lose 1/2 to get consistent once again and lose that last few pounds.

TLE chose to walk home from work Tuesday and she arrived just before 5:35 pm.  We had planned to sit outside by the fire for about an hour, but the wind came up about 4 pm putting the kibosh on that idea.  We live in a very dry environment and having a fire with wind is not a very good idea.

We watched a couple of recorded programs on TV before hitting the sack just before 10 pm.....we're off to Prescott, AZ on Wednesday for a couple of days.....there is a COSTCO and Trader Joe's there so you know we will be dropping some money at those establishments before we return to Desert View on Thursday.

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