Sunday, January 28, 2018

Desert View - Day 79 - Aftermath.....


5:48 am - Sunday - January 28th - Grand Canyon - 27º F, humidity 43%, wind 3 mph out of the southeast.....forecast for today is sunny skies with a high of 54º F.  Over the next two weeks we will have 12 days in the 60's, and some nights with lows only in the 30's!  I keep joking about how winter will never arrive here for more than a day, or two, and it looks like that may be a few days we will be in February and still no real substantial winter weather.

After two days of touring the Grand Canyon with our daughter we were both tired and get this......ready to go back to work.  From this point on I have nothing but 'open' shifts meaning I will be off around 12:30 pm every day.  TLE will have all 'close' shifts.  Now, there will be an occasion where we are both needed to work a full 9, or 10 hour shift as we are still short on cashiers, but within a couple of weeks we will be hiring more cashiers.

For a Saturday it was slower than normal....I didn't process my first customer until 10:12 am.  My total cash deposit after 4.5 hours of work was $14.74.....TLE reported she dropped around $300 so the afternoon picked up at lot.

Our daughter, Meredith, decided to drive out of the park through Desert View so she stopped by the General Store around noon time, just as I was pulling my cash drawer, to say her 'until next times', and since she was there she gave me a ride home.  My first thought after getting home was "I need a nap", so that is what I did.....take a nap.  In fact I napped most of the afternoon.  We had spent the prior night at Meredith's hotel in her room, which was a very nice suite with a separate bedroom, and two baths, but the hideabed couch was TERRIBLE, and as a result neither of us got a very good night's sleep, hence the need for a long nap Saturday.

TLE was home by 5:30......another day spent in paradise.....thanks for stopping by!

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  1. You have been thing a busy time wearing yourselves out. Now back to work and enjoy your time there.


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