Saturday, February 24, 2018

Desert View - Day 106 - Lasting friendship


5:38 am - Saturday - February 24th - Grand Canyon - 8º F (feels like 1º F), 78% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the east.......forecast is for sunny skies and a high of 33º F.  We ended up getting over 8" of new snow Friday to go with the 6" of snow we had last Monday.  I am beginning to think we will have snow on the ground the rest of the time we are here.  On a positive note my water line has only frozen twice (at the spigot) since last Monday, so things are good on that front.  On the other side of the coin we have been rocking 4 electric heaters (including the one in the water bay which is keeping it at a cozy 45º) since Monday with nary any time when they were not all going full blast.

We slept in Friday until after 8 am, and for the first time in a long time just lay there in bed snuggling and talking as the outside light began to penetrate our bedroom curtains.....a nice way to awake.

We lazed around most of the morning watching the snow come down hour after hour and watching the Winter Olympics.  It began snowing sometime around 4 am and continued pretty steadily until after 4 pm.

Around 1 pm we got dressed and walked over to site #5 where John and Lisa are staying in their Montana 5th wheel to talk, and eventually have lunch.  I've known Lisa since she was born.....her father and mother were good friends of my parents for many years.  John and Lisa met while serving our country in the Marine Corp in Saudi Arabia during 'Desert Storm', and I have not seen Lisa for at least 30 years, but we have stayed in contact.  In that 30+ years she got married to John, and raised 5 children (just like us).  All that being said it was amazing to me how we picked up our conversation after 30 years as if no time had passed.  We spent the entire afternoon catching up on each other's lives, drinking a few craft beers, eating and laughing.  Before we knew it 5 hours had passed and it was after 6 pm.......

 About 10 am during a brief lull in the storm

Walking Colter Lane over to site #5 to visit with John and Lisa

......we decided at that point to continue the conversation Saturday afternoon after I get off work, bid our adieus and walked slowly back home......the skies had cleared and it promised to be a bitter cold night with temps in the single digits once again.

Having John and Lisa travel all the way from Colorado to visit us during a winter storm has been very special, and is one of the highlights of our time here at the Grand Canyon.  I am so happy the passing of decades has not dimmed our friendship.  In my mind Lisa is still 17, or 18 years old......the last time I saw her in the flesh, but now we are both well past middle age.  During those years her mother, Jan, has passed on, but her father Gary is still with us and will be 80 years old, oh my!

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  1. We lived in Northern Arizona for many years and used a insulated cover made for using on the outside faucet of a house. Hubby cut out the very bottom just enough for it to slip over the faucet and cover the part where the heated hose connected to the faucet. The covers are readily available at hardware stores.

  2. Wow you guys are really getting the snow. I miss you all there at the GC, but for along with a few reasons I am really glad I am not there dealing with the cold, the snow and worrying about my RV. You talking about picking right up with your friends after 30+ years reminds me of several friends I reunited with also after many years, it was like we had never been apart and still I find with friends I went to school with from our small town where we grew, even again it time goes by and we don't always talk or stay connected we can still pick up right where we left off. I saw a friend today, met up with her and family in Tucson. We don't always talk much on FB but it had been about 4 maybe 5 years since we saw each other last living up in Washington. She is Lynnwood and I in Gig Harbor. They sold their place in September, bought a ranch in Sierra Vista AZ....I am in Phoneix and they were gonna be at the Tucson Rodeo today, so it seemed the perfect time to connect. It was a great day and so good to see her.