Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Desert View - Day 109 - Relatively speaking.....

5:39 am - Tuesday - February 27th - Grand Canyon - 25º F, humidity 44%, wind 4 mph out of the south by southeast.....cloudy today with rain/snow this evening around 5 pm ending around 6 am Wednesday morning.....here we go again.  Forecast high for today is 41º F.

Monday was a gloriously sunny, windless day.....it got all the way up to 44º F!  One thing I have learned is that the daily high temperature is a relative thing.   If it's been in the 20's for a while 44º F feels relatively warm, and when you combine that with lots of sun, and no breeze it really feels warm.  When the overnight lows stay in the high teens, or low 20's we never have any problem with our water line freezing at the hose bibs.  We don't have to have heaters on until early morning, and when I come home from work around 12:30 pm I can leave the heaters off most of the afternoon.  I know these seem like small things, but they make all the difference.  

I opted to walk the road to and from work Monday.....no point in fighting the snow in the forest until more of it melts, although with another storm coming in Tuesday afternoon I am sure that walks in the woods will be postponed indefinitely for the near future.

I dropped $77.76 on Monday, although the day felt a little busier than that to me.  TLE actually dropped over $400, but she said it didn't feel that busy to her.  Again, I guess it's all relative.

After getting the retail part of the store swept, mopped, and in order I settled down to reading a book in between customers.  When I read the time seems to pass quite quickly.....I know there are still 60 seconds in each minute, and 60 minutes in each hour, but it feels like less when I get engrossed in a book.....relatively speaking.

Since the weather will deteriorating on Tuesday I chose to preemptively empty the black tank on Monday.  While it may not be raining, or snowing when I get home Tuesday it may be windy and cold so I opted to dump the tank a day early so it could be done in relative comfort.

It appears the dryer portion of our Splendide 2000 washer/dryer has bitten the dust, and parts are no longer available to repair/replace  the blower.  If parts were available it would be an easy fix to pull out the old blower and install a new one......maybe a 30 minute job.  I had considered buying a 'donor' machine to cannibalize parts from, but the only one available on eBay cost $700 to buy, with another $200 plus to ship it to me, and I would need a place to store it.  Finally, Monday, I came across a late model Splendide 2000 for $700 shipped (includes shipping).  It was removed from some sort of a cruising boat where it had been lightly used.  Since it was rarely used the owners decided to remove it so they could utilize the space it occupied for more storage space.  Our Splendide is over 30 years old and it makes more sense to replace it with a newer model so we won't have to keep worrying about things breaking on the old one, which they no doubt will.  For the time being we can still wash clothes and then hang them up to dry.....a minor inconvenience.  I'm having it shipped to our home address in SoCal so I can install it while near a hardware store in case I need to replace anything like the vent hose, or water lines.  At any rate, I have found a relatively inexpensive solution for replacing our Splendide......new ones cost around $1,300.

We headed over to John and Lisa's 5th wheel around 6:30 pm for our last evening together.  We, once again, had a delightful time....they will be leaving early afternoon on Tuesday, but we will hope to hook up with them in the near future when we are in their neck of the woods.

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  1. Warmth is retaliative.
    I remember a Feb morning in northern Minnesota, the 2 weeks before had been sub zero cold, minus temps. That morning it was sunny, no wind and warm!
    It was one degree above zero(f)...
    We moved back to the west coast that summer.