Monday, February 5, 2018

Desert View - Day 87 - The big one......

5:39 am - Monday - February 5th - Grand Canyon - 32º F, 49% humidity, wind 4 mph out of the east by northeast.....forecast high today is 60º F with sunny skies.

Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday so you can imagine that most of the conversation around the store was about the big game scheduled to go off at 4:30 pm.  I haven't watched much NFL football this season due to the National Anthem protests, but I decided to watch Sunday if there were no protests, and as it turned out, there was no kneeling, or clenched fist exhibitions.....they just played football.  Except when I have a favorite team in the Super Bowl I just want a competitive blowouts.  Super Bowl LII was very competitive and came down to a last second Hail Mary attempt by Tom Brady (New England Patriots) before it was decided in favor of the Philadelphia Eagles......41-33.  It was a story book ending for Nick Foles, the backup Philadelphia quarterback, whom no one gave a chance.  In fact the Eagles were an underdog in every single playoff game, including the Super Bowl.  There was tons of offense.....over 1,000 yards of offense ......1,151 to be precise.  I think there was only one punt by New England the entire game, and finally there were very few penalties.

Now on to the rest of Sunday......I arrived at the store at my usual 7:25 am.  The morning was unusually slow, and by the time I counted out my drawer I deposited just $ that's slow, right?  After I had done everything I could do regarding my store duties I read a book to help the time pass.  TLE was there right on time to relieve me, and I was finished counting down my drawer by 12:15 pm.

It was a little breezy on the walk home, which seems to be the new norm here at Desert View.  After a quick lunch, and a short nap I headed out to do my 30 minute ride on my stationary bike (Cannondale Bad Boy on a bike stand) while once again watching this week's PGA golf tournament to help pass the time.  That's 3 days in a row, and the first time I have managed to do that since my stroke 6 weeks ago.

TLE returned from work about 5:25 with the Super Bowl well into the first quarter.  Using our indoor, stove top grill she grilled some salmon for dinner accompanied by some green beans, and barley cooked like rice.......all very, very good!

By the time the Super Bowl, and the ensuing celebration following the end of the game was finished it was closing in on 9 pm, so we wrapped things up and were in bed before 9:30 pm.  I have to say.....I am really looking forward to being able to sleep in on a regular basis once again.  I'm not complaining, but I'm just sayin'.........

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