Friday, February 16, 2018

Desert View - Day 98 - I forgot....


6:07 am - Friday - February 16th - Grand Canyon - 19º F, 77% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the south by southeast.....forecast high for today is 47º F with partly cloudy skies.  It just occurred to me yesterday that I had made no mention of our nomadic anniversary back on February 1st.  On February 1, 2011 we began living full time in our Newell coach, and on February 1, 2012 we began our lives as nomads...... it does not seem possible we have been nomads for 6 years now, and have been living in our Newell for 7 years.

I was awake Thursday morning by 7 am.....just can't sleep past that time for some reason.  When I opened the curtains I could see that much of the snow at the park across the street had melted, and the streets were clear.  TLE was up a few minutes later.  

The Residence Inn puts on a very nice breakfast.....a full breakfast bar if you will....we headed down about 8:30 to eat and found almost all the tables taken, so we hurried to get our food, and managed to grab a couple of the last seats.  I was kind of surprised at how full the hotel was on a Wednesday/Thursday in Flagstaff of all places.  Just two weeks ago in Prescott there were like 3 other people eating breakfast on a Thursday morning.

I had a doctor appointment at 1:30 pm so we were out of the hotel by 11 am and on our way to visit a few thrift/antique shops before the appointment.  One particular antique shop had some really interesting things, and specifically, two vintage motorcycles.  One was a 1915 Miami Power Bicycle which looked to have been restored, and could be had for a cool $25,000.  The other was a WW2 Harley, I believe, complete with machine gun.....also for sale at $25,000.  It also appeared to have been restored to a certain degree......

.....the entire store was full of very interesting stuff, but nothing we without which we could not live!  In all we visited 4, or 5 stores finding a couple of things we could not live without before it was time to get lunch, and then head to my doctor appointment.  The Subway shop we ate at last week is very near the medical center so we went there to eat once again.

By the time we finished with the doctor appointment, which went very well by the way, and had fueled up the VW once again it was about 2:50 pm and time to head for the barn.  We were home shortly after 4 pm after a completely uneventful drive home on US-89, and SR-64.  The skies were clearing from the storm, and the view north on US-89 was spectacular.

We finished out the day watching more Winter Olympic coverage with me being in bed by 9:30, as is my custom on days when I must be at work by 7:30 am.....thanks for stopping by!

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