Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Desert View - Day 110 - Marking time....

5:43 am - Wednesday - February 28th - Grand Canyon - 22º F, 91% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the west.....forecast is for partly cloudy skies with a high of 39º F.  Was supposed to rain/snow last night, but there is no new snow on the ground this morning.....yay!  The snow will continue to melt and, maybe, we'll have a lot of bare ground around the Newell and trailer by this weekend.....18 days away from liftoff.....yay again!  The sun now rises at 6:59 am, and sets at 6:22 pm, and as a result the daytime hours are getting longer.  We have reached the end of February and in 18 hours we will be counting down our last 18 days at Desert View.

Tuesday was no different than prior work was slow until the last 60-90 minutes of my shift at which is the time frame in which most of my sales occur.  I ended up dropping a little more than Monday.....$83.76.....exactly $6 more.  TLE again reported a cash drop of over $400 once again. 

Since most of the snow around the General Store has melted customers are no longer tracking in snow and ice so there was no need to wet mop the entire store floor Tuesday.  I did a little mopping in the foyer, and immediately in front of the entrance area, but that was it.  I did have to dry mop, however, as folks were tracking in a lot of small rocks.  The NPS spreads a lot of small crushed rock on the sidewalks after a snow storm to give people walking more traction and to avoid 's.  The downside is a lot of it gets tracked inside the stores.

As has been the case the past few days I spent most of my shift reading and marking time until about 11 am when the foot traffic began to increase.  TLE was right there at 11:55 am to relieve me, and I was on my way home by 12:25 pm.  We were supposed to have partly cloudy skies Tuesday, however, we actually had clear blue, windless skies.....nice!

Even though I was pretty sure the heater blower fan was toast on our Splendide I decided to take the top off and confirm that it was toast, and not just a loose wire.  In preparation for this operation TLE had emptied the shelving in the pantry above the Splendide so I could get right at it after I got home.  Within about 15 minutes it was clear that my original diagnosis was correct.....the motor is toast.  I put everything back together and took a nap.

Around 4 pm John and Lisa stopped by on their way out of Desert View to say their 'until next times' and were on their way back Colorado in a cloud of dust.  It was a great 5 days with them.

TLE was home right at 5:30 pm, and quickly went about putting all the pantry items back in the pantry before preparing a wonderful salmon dinner replete with asparagus and salad.  We opted to watch a few more episodes of 'Godless'.  This is a limited one season series which has just 7 episodes.....we have now watched 5 episodes and are totally captivated.  I was in bed just before 9:30 looking forward to our 'Friday' (Wednesday) after which we will be off work Thursday and Friday.

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