Sunday, February 25, 2018

Desert View - Day 107 - Will it melt?


5:47 am - Sunday - February 25th - Grand Canyon - 19º F, 51% humidity, wind 2 mph out of the west.....forecast is once again for sunny skies with a high of 36º F.....more snow by Tuesday.

Walking to work is requiring changes in what I wear to work as the temps have dropped.  I now wear a lycra face mask that covers most of my face, including my nose.....I wear my Delaware North issue jacket under my outer shell.....I wear my heavy duty snowboard gloves by OR (Outdoor Research).....I wear my snow boots and then change into street shoes when I get to the store.  Walking to work in single digits as low as ZERO, as opposed to low double digits, requires a slight adjustment in outerwear.......

On my way to work Saturday

With so much snow still on the ground and local roads I was in doubt as to how many visitors we might have Saturday, but by the end of the morning the Deli was packed and we had about 10 people in the retail section shopping, so as noon approached I knew I was leaving TLE in good hands with plenty to keep her busy.  Friday (we were off) had been so 'unbusy' that the employees spent their time building a puzzle, and came close to finishing it.

On the other hand, I was not very busy.......I was off by 12 pm counting down my drawer....I dropped only $54, most of which I collected in the last 15 minutes of my 'unbusy' shift, however, TLE dropped over $300.......our friends, John and Lisa, brought TLE to work and stayed on to have lunch with me in the Deli.  We sat talking, laughing and eating for about an hour before heading down for their first glimps of the Watchtower......

.....I managed to remember to take an 'usie' to memorialize the occasion, and to also prove I have not been writing about imaginary  We spent about 45 minutes in and around the tower before the rising wind chased us back to their truck.  They were kind enough to drop me off at the Newell where I changed clothes and took a nap.....I think it was after 3 pm by this time......

.......they were back around 5 pm to pick me up and drive me over to pick up TLE from work after which we went back to their Montana 5th wheel for the evening for dinner and more conversation.  John grilled some rib eye steaks while Lisa provided sides of baked potatoes, green beans and salad.  We had another wonderful evening, but by 8:45 it was time for us to head home as I had to be in bed by by my usual 9:30 so I could be up again Sunday morning at 5:15 am to get ready for work.

We are now down to exactly 3 weeks until our departure from Desert View.  The time is going by so quickly now....I'm wondering if the snow will all melt by the time we begin to pack things up.....I hope so.....I really hope so!

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