Monday, February 26, 2018

Desert View - Day 108 - Drifting

5:38 am - Monday - February 26th - Grand Canyon - 21º F, 50% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the south by southwest.....forecast is for sunny skies with a high of 43º F.....ahhh.....back into the 40's after being in the 20's and 30's for a week!  There are even a few 50º days in the near future.

With two straight days of sunny skies the snow from our two storms last week is beginning to melt, but if we get anymore significant snow in the near future I'm not sure it all will be melted by the time we depart on March 18th.  And that is my mindset right now.....I'm thinking forward a few weeks to what will need to be done to get our Newell ready to roll again after being static for almost 4.5 months.  There is a lot of stuff to be put away, and I am praying for ground clear of snow, and temps back in at least the 50's.

With three days left in February we are on the brink of 'Spring Break', and 'March Madness' (NCAA basketball tournament) of my favorite times of the year ('March Madness', not 'Spring Break').  My mind, in spite of my efforts to stay rooted in the present, continues to drift to the future when there will be days of sleeping in once again, days of no working, days of riding my bicycle, and days of 60-70º days in SoCal.  I'm only human, and in my mind I'm pretty much done living in perpetual cold here at the Grand Canyon and ready to return to lower elevations and warmer weather.

On my way to work Sunday I opted for the forest trail and was able to keep on the trail even though it  is covered by 6-9" of snow, however, within a few hundred yards regretted my decision as it was extremely difficult trudging through the snow.  Nonetheless, I arrived at work, albeit huffing and puffing, at my usual 7:25 am, quickly punched the clock and got on with another 'unbusy' in the General Store.  Don't get me wrong....I'm not complaining about it being 'unbusy'......I actually like being able to have time to read my book and get paid at the same time.  Right now it seems as if I am a caretaker just occupying a spot until the next wave of seasonal workers arrive.  The NPS requires that our store be open 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and that we be open in the winter from 8 am to 5 pm.  It would make more sense to open at 9 am like the Watchtower and Trading Post as 9 out of 10 days we do not get our first customers until 9:30, or 10 am.  We really could change our hours to 10 am to 4 pm and hardly miss a beat, or lose any noticeable income, but those decisions are for people way smarter than I.

Once again most of the cash I dropped on Sunday at the end of my shift came in the last 90 minutes.  I ended up dropping $134.43......TLE dropped about $270.  I was home by 12:35 eating my 1/2 sandwich TLE prepare for me, and then taking one nap after another the rest of the afternoon.  We've been socializing a lot the prior three days and I think that has kind of worn me down, even though I have thoroughly enjoyed our time with John and Lisa.  They will be here until Tuesday, so we've got one more night to enjoy with them.

There isn't much on TV Sunday nights so we watched an episode of 'The Crown', and then watched a couple of episodes of 'Godless', both Netflix original series.  'Godless' had been recommended to us by several people so we thought we would take a peek.  So far we like it.

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  1. I so much am in agreement with you about the cold. I am a point in my life I enjoy the warmer temperatures and tired of living life in the cold LOL. Thus I am enjoying the temperatures here in Phoenix very much. I spent my Sunday with friends at the Tucson rodeo yesterday. My friend Vickie and her husband I grew up with in Tahoe and they lived in Lynnwood, WA for years. They sold their house in September and moved to Sierra Vista and bought a ranch 20 minutes of out town. They are raising their 9 year old grandson and had gotten him involved with horses about a year or so ago. So now he had his own horse which was a rescue and they are fostering two mini rescues at their house. They had them at a booth at the rodeo and sharing information about the minis and the rescue. It was a great day.

  2. LOL, I see that I commented about going to the rodeo and my friend from Washington in one of my other posts. Guess I was tired and forgot or losing my mind LOL.


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