Saturday, February 3, 2018

Desert View - Day 85 - 'Out with the old, in with the new'

5:45 am - Saturday - February 3rd - Grand Canyon - 32º F, humidity 62%, wind 2 mph out of the south by southeast.......forecast for today is a high of 58º F, with sunny skies.

Depending on who you talk to our manager was either terminated, or quit while we were on our two day hiatus in Prescott.   I think the former, but what do I know.  At any rate Wayne, our assistant manager, is now the acting manager.  In the over all scheme of things this news really has NO impact on us.  Most of our dealings were with Wayne anyway.....we rarely saw the manager, and I'm not really sure what he did other than make occasional appearances in the store to buy cigarettes.  We get along well with Wayne, and he seems to appreciate us, our dependability, and our work the end that is what is most important in a seasonal job.

Not to beat a dead horse, but once again Friday was quite slow.....I managed to deposit $80.48, while TLE dropped somewhere in the neighborhood of $167.  Whenever TLE and I return from our off days we always find, or should I say I find, the store in a little disarray.....after all I am the one who opens 5 days a week now.  At any rate, I know I will always have plenty to keep me busy on my 'Monday' each week, and this day was no exception.  By the time I had the store back in order (everything 'fronted', dusted, mopped, t-shirts straightened and refolded, etc.) once again it was after 10 am, and I didn't have my first non-employee customer until 10:20 am.

TLE arrived right on time and within 10 minutes I was counting down my drawer and looking forward to finishing another book, riding my stationary bike, and taking a much needed nap......those days off can be exhausting......😊

I was hoping we could have a fire after TLE returned home from her 5.5 hour stint at the store, but the wind came up once again to foil my plans.  I had also planned to grill the carne asada for my tacos that night, but when it is windy it takes too long to get the BBQ up to grilling temperature.  Besides, who wants to stand out in the cold wintery wind to BBQ?  Not me, certainly.

As you have probably noticed the morning temperature I report each day has been running in the high 20's, or low 30's each day (Prescott being the exception as it is 2,000' lower in elevation) here at the Grand Canyon.  We still have not had our water line freeze more than the two times I previously reported, with the last time being about 6 weeks ago.  We are having a very mild winter, as is California, where it is reported that they are smack dab in the middle of a drought again.  They had a one year reprieve last winter, but this winter has been very dry, just as it has been here at the Grand Canyon.  That we are the beneficiaries of this mild winter is a blessing to us, but not to the local area......they need is soooo dry right now.

As I finish up today's blog entry I can't help but think how interesting it is to look at our wall calendar and see that we have begun our fourth month of residency here at the Grand Canyon.....Desert View specifically.  Within two weeks we will have been here 100 days....time is moving forward!

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