Monday, November 2, 2020

Goodbye, and good riddance to DST.......

 7:43 am - Monday - November 2nd - Seal Rock, OR - 37° F, 100% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the east by southeast....foggy this morning, with partly cloudy later, and a forecast high of 57° F.  On this date in 2013 we were in Park City, UT with my brother Dwyer, and his wife Lori for dinner.......↴

Sunday, November 1st saw us with continued, unseasonably delightful weather.  We know the bad weather is coming, but each clear, sunny day will be cherished, delighted in, enjoyed, and remembered when we find ourselves in the middle of a 5 day storm.  

We were up before 7 am, and since my work shift did not begin until 10 am we watched a recorded English Premier League soccer match between Everton and Wolverhampton.  Everton had a pretty fast start this season winning their first 7 matches, and tying their eighth again Liverpool, the reigning 2020 champions.  On this day Everton was not up to the challenge losing 2-1 to Wolverhampton.

As has been the case for the past several workdays Terry and I spent most of my 2 hour shift trimming more hedges, and a little site cleaning thrown in for good measure.  I was off a little after 12 pm, and home shortly thereafter.  TLE's 2 hour shift did not commence until 2 pm, so after I changed she had a snack prepared for me.

After the snack I went outside to do a little pruning and trimming of my own around our site.  There is a lot of ivy growing in the park, and a few strands have been making inroads into our site by the Sea-B-Que.

I also needed to relevel the Newell as it has been a few weeks, so I connected an air hose from our pancake compressor into the quick connect in the passenger side engine bay to add air back into the system.  When we sit for long periods of time I prefer to air up the coach this way as running the engine for 10-15 minutes does not really do much for the engine.  Unless I can get her out on the road, under load, and up to operating temperature for about an hour the result is not a net positive for the big Detroit Diesel 6v92.  Overall the coach has lost air very slowly, which is a good thing, and it has stayed pretty level until the last few days when the rear began to sag a little.  Frankly it takes more time to connect everything than it does to air up the coach, but it is a better alternative to running the engine for such a short time.

With November 1st comes the end of 'DST' (daylight savings time), and we are able to retrieve the hour taken from us last Spring.  Another bonus is sunrise moves back from 7:20 am to 6:20 am making it much lighter when we get up at 7 am.  As you may recall, I prefer waking up to daylight, rather than waking up to total darkness.  Of course that change, which I like, means the sun goes down a little after 5 pm now, instead of a littler after 6 pm.  Since we had sunny skies all day Sunday we got another beautiful sunset......

....and thus ends the first day of November....thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Clarke, does your coach have a 120 volt built in compressor? Stay warm.....

    1. No built in compressors, other than the one that runs off the engine. I just have the pancake compressor I use periodically to air the coach up when we are in one place for a long time.