Saturday, January 30, 2021

Finishing touches.....

8:50 am - Saturday - January 30th - Seal Rock, OR - 45° F, 93% humidity, wind - 22 mph out of the south by southwest......heavy cloud cover, raining today with a forecast high of 47° F.  On this date in 2015 we were in Wittmann, AZ at the property of good friends Tom and had been raining for 14 consecutive hours......kind of like Seal Rock, OR most days.....↴

Friday dawned as beautiful a day for which one could hope......clear, blue skies, and almost no breeze, so TLE and I decided to put the finishing touches on our new site.  I retrieved a twelve foot long 2' x 6' from the barn, and my yard long level to make sure the site was truly level from side to side, and front to back......

That's pretty level!

......we did the side to side leveling first (beginning at the rear of the site and moving to the front) moving gravel with a rock rake to low spots, or away from high spots.  Once we were satisfied with the side to side we worked on the front to back leveling doing the same thing.  The back half of the site was actually pretty level, and did not require too much adjustment, but the front half took a little more work.  We then drove the golf cart up and down the length of the site to repack what we had done.  We'll give the gravel time to settle even more over the next week before moving the trailer over.  Time combined with a lot of rain forecast for the next week should do the trick.  By the time we return from our one month hiatus the front of the site should be ready for the 29,000 pounds our Newell weighs

In all it took us a couple of hours, or more, and by the time we finished putting the tools and the golf cart away the blue skies had been replaced with dark gray clouds, and the temperature began to drop.  By 3 pm it was raining once again, but we had accomplished our goal of finishing the job started on Thursday.  Because of the rain we spent the balance of Friday indoors.

Exactly two weeks until we haul our anchor, and hit the road once again......thanks for stopping by!

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