Friday, January 22, 2021

Five in a row.......

 8:05 am - Friday - January 22n - Seal Rock, OR - 32° F, 100% humidity, wind zero mph out of the north....partly cloudy today, with rain in the forecast along with a high temperature of 47° F.  On this date in 2013 we were having our first bowls of award winning clam chowder at the world famous Tony's Seafood in Cedar Key, FL......↴

We have a new world record (jk) here at SRRVC*......I worked 5 successive days for the first time in weeks, and I worked a staggering 12.5 hours during that five day period to  All this made possible by the failure of the weather guessers forecast for rain fact, the rain never came at all.....not in the morning, afternoon, or during the night.  We're in danger of things getting slightly dry here on the Oregon Coast as standing water everywhere has somehow soaked into the heretofore saturated ground.

Blake and I began our workday with Terry at the WDS plant to clean the filters.  We set a new record getting them all 'clean' in 20 minutes flat....usually takes us 30+ minutes.  Nothing like being able to complete your least favorite biweekly task in record time.  Once that was done Blake and I spent the remainder of our shift taking down the last wire fencing in the tent area, and replacing it with the ubiquitous rope fences we have throughout the park, which are used, in many cases, to separate sites.  In all I worked 2.5 hours Thursday (our Friday) before heading for home.

The temperature began to drop shortly after arriving home, so I spent the afternoon reading another good book.  It got cold enough at one point that we had all three heaters rocking at the same time.

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*SRRVC = Seal Rock RV Cove

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