Monday, January 25, 2021


 7:48 am - Monday - January 25th - Seal Rock, OR - 34° F, 100% humidity, wind - zero mph out of the north.....heavy cloud cover, cold, rainy today with a forecast high of 43° F.  On this date in 2020 we arrived at the Riverside Elks Lodge after having worked at Ramona Oaks RV Resort for 9 months.....can't believe it's been a year already......↴

We awoke to rain Sunday morning, and it wasn't long until I received an expected text from Terry that we were not going to toil in the fields of SRRVC.  I was in the middle of a good book when the wind suddenly freshened to 20+ mph gusts.  Within a couple of minutes we went from warm, comfortable and dry to standing out in the rain and wind frantically stowing our patio awning.  I did not see that coming!

We had barely returned to the protected interior of the Newell, and the getting warm, and comfortable part again (not so dry yet) when I realized I had not taken down our flag/pole.....doh! Back into the breach for me.  Within a couple of minutes I had the flag, and  flag pole stowed inside the trailer, and was working on getting warm, comfortable and dry again in the warm, dry confines of the Newell.  Okay, enough excitement for one day already!

But, my friends, the excitement was not over.  Within 30 minutes of those episodes we lost power.  Apparently, according to internet reports, power was lost from Waldport to Seal Rock.  So, back outside to the windy, rainy elements for moi to pull out the Honda EU2000 generator to repower the coach.  Within 10 minutes the Honda was pumping electricity into the Newell, and order was restored....somewhat.  We did have to switch over from the electric heaters to our Suburban gas furnaces, but that's okay.....they need to be exercised periodically, anyway. We also had to shut down the electric dryer (Splendide) until power was restored.

About 3 hours later power was, indeed, restored by the local power company so I reversed the process, putting away the Honda EU2000, and hooking the Newell up to city power once again.  By this time it was after 3 pm, and the wind and rain had both abated somewhat, and I was nearing the end of the good book I was reading.

Life is good, though sometimes unpredictable, whether you live in a sticks and bricks home, or in an RV.  Things happen, and you deal with them.

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