Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Getting trim.....

 8:29 am - Wednesday - February 23rd - Newell House, AZ - 46° F, 79% humidity, wind 10 mph out of the southwest.....100% cloud cover with rain through early afternoon.  Began raining around 5 am.....forecast high for today is 50° F!!  Coldest day in a long time!  On this date in 2021 I picked up my rebuilt Leece-Neville shaft driven alternator, and was getting ready to reinstall it......↴

The winds from Monday finally abated overnight, and before we took our first 1.25 mile walk of the say we redeployed the patio awning once again, and then took our walk.  The day was mostly overcast with a few sun showers, and  a little chilly.  A perfect day to finish the 'microwave' cabinet project I began a few weeks ago.  The new heat resistant adhesive I used to affix the Formica panels to the interior walls of the cabinet worked, so it was time to install the wood trim we bought at Home Depot about a week ago.  The first step was to apply the wood stain we bought to the ceiling of the cabinet, and then begin to cut to length the wood trim.  Some of the pieces needed to be 'shaped' to fit around wires, etc. so I utilized a 'Coping Saw' I've been carrying around for years now to do the shaping, and to cut the wood trim to last a project to justify its place in the trailer took a number of trips to the 'garage' (trailer) to make a few adjustments, and I had to change the vision I had in my mind of what it would look like in the end, and it is not perfect, but I think it turned out pretty well considering my quite limited wood working skills....I have to remember not allow 'perfect' to be the enemy of 'good'......TLE likes it a lot, and that is 'good' enough for me......

.....and now that project can be crossed of the 'To Do' list for good.

We took our second 1.25 mile walk of the day around 3 pm, and then I settled in to catch up on a few of the YouTube channels to which I subscribe.  We 'ate in' Tuesday, and to honor that occasion TLE made Chicken of my favorite TLE dishes.

Our time at Newell House is waning, and within a week we will haul anchor and return to the Anza Borrego Desert for a few weeks before heading into the Pomona Valley for our granddaughter's wedding on April 2nd.  We've been able to get pretty much everything done we wanted to accomplish.....all that remains is to install the two new thermostats on the big Detroit Diesel 6v92.  They are supposed to arrive Wednesday courtesy the USPS, and if they do I will begin to remove the old ones Thursday, and, hopefully, install the new ones the same day.

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