Tuesday, February 22, 2022

That's the 'brakes'......

8:23 am - Tuesday - February 22nd - Newell House, AZ -  52° F, 52% humidity, wind 5 mph out of the south by southeast......76% cloud cover today with a forecast high of 62° F.....chance of rain overnight.  On this date in 2013 TLE and I drove down to Vero Beach, FL to the former 'Dodger Town' where the L.A. Dodgers had their Spring Training facilities for decades.  Here I am standing at home plate in Holman Stadium where Dodger greats Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale pitched from that pitchers mound in front of me.......↴

Waiting for the pitch from Sandy Koufax

Monday I was determined to finish the VW brake job by tackling the rear rotors, and pads.  It was a pleasant, partially overcast day, and there was a slight breeze making conditions just about perfect for sitting on cold concrete for a few hours.  My first task was to remove the left rear wheel to see if Amazon had sent me the correct rotors, and pads.  Within minutes I was able to confirm they had, indeed, sent me the correct parts.  That was the good news.  Over the course of an hour I tried to remove the two bolts which affix the caliper to the mounting bracket, but was unable to get them to budge.  Not wanting to damage the bolts I decided to accept defeat, and hand this job over to my mechanic (Joel's Automotive - Upland, CA) back in SoCal when we get back there for my granddaughter's wedding.  I need to have the drive train inspected, and lubed, and an oil change, so that will work out fine.  I already have paid for the brake parts, so all I'll be out is the labor.

TLE and I continued our twice daily 1.25 mile fast walks, and added about 15 minutes of physical exercises such as sit ups, push ups, knee bends, stretching, etc.  Before we took our first walk of the day the winds freshened so we had to stow the patio awning before doing so became much more difficult.  The winds continued directly out of the south through the day, and into the night, but have abated as I write this morning.  With the winds came the front bearing the rain forecast for tonight.

During the afternoon I finished watching the Joe Montana documentary on the Peacock streaming network.  It was quite a nostalgic trip down memory lane for me, and it was nice to get a lot of the 'back story' on what happened behind the scenes in Joe's storied career during which he won all four Super Bowls in which he played.  At the time he was considered by many, if not most to be the greatest quarterback of all time.  As we all know, there is a new GOAT, Tom Brady, who has won 7 Super Bowls, and I think has been in 10 all together.  Ironically, Tom Brady grew up in the Bay Area, and attended many of Joe Montana's games.  Tom was interviewed extensively for this documentary.  If you are a sports fan you will enjoy this documentary.

My last major project (thermostat removal and replacement) awaits the U.S. Mail.  According to the tracking information provided by the USPS they should arrive Wednesday, so it appears Thursday will be the day I tear into that project.  Once that is done it will be time to haul anchor, and reposition back to the Anza Borrego Desert for a few weeks until it is time for the wedding (April 2nd), at which time we will reposition to the Elks Lodge in Fontana until after the wedding.

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