Sunday, February 13, 2022


8:15 am - Superbowl Sunday - February 13th - Newell House, AZ - 46° F, 21% humidity, wind 4 mph out of the east by northeast....crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 79° F.  On this date in 2015 we were boondocking on NFS* land near Cottonwood, AZ.....↴ 

When we first began our fulltime journey back in 2012 I was on NO maintenance medications.  I never had to think about transferring prescriptions from place to place as we moved around the country.  Now, 10 years later I've had a stroke (December of 2017), and a heart attack (May of 2019), both of which necessitated ongoing prescriptions for the foreseeable future.  Getting those prescriptions in 90 day doses became a necessity.  Initially I used COSTCO's pharmacy for those prescriptions, and that worked well until we spent the summer in Southwest Harbor, Maine where I used the local pharmacy.  Once we left there I moved the prescriptions back to COSTCO, and it remained that way until we spent a year in Seal Rock, OR where the nearest COSTCO was 90 minutes away, so I transferred them to the local pharmacy in Waldport.  The costs of those prescriptions really went up at that pharmacy (Hi-School Pharmacy), so I checked with the Fred Meyers Pharmacy in Newport and found their prices much more in line with COSTCO's.  Fred Meyers is owned, along with many regional supermarket chains, by Kroger.  When we repositioned to SoCal back in October of 2021 I was able to transfer them to the local SoCal chain called Ralph's, and then here in Wittmann, I just transferred them Saturday to the local Fry's Food and Drug in Surprise.  Moving them between COSTCO's and Kroger supermarkets is really quite easy, and usually takes a few minutes, just like Saturday.  By the way, we can also transfer our 'gas points' from chain to chain, also.

So, I wrote all of that to write this.....Saturday it was time to do a little grocery shopping so we left Newell House around 11 am to drive into Surprise where our first stop was the local Fry's Food and Drug.  While TLE shopped, I made my way over their pharmacy, handed my prescription bottle to the nice male pharmacist, and within 3 minutes everything was transferred.  I'll be able to pick up my next 90 day prescriptions on Monday, which will last me to almost June.  At Fry's we also have enough gas points to get 40¢ off per gallon up to 35 gallons.  The current diesel price is $3.75/gallon, so that's a nice discount.

From Fry's we headed over to Safeway where TLE buys our Peppered Bacon supply.  It's not as good as the Peppered Bacon we bought at Ray's Food Place in Waldport, OR, but it is darn close!  We were back home by 12:30 pm.

Just before we left to go shopping the winds came up so we had to stow the patio awning while we were gone, but by the time we returned the winds had abated to the point where we could redeploy it, so upon our return we did just that.  When it is clear, and warm like it has been the last few days we need to have as much shade on our passenger side as possible to avoid turning on the A/C, which, so far, we have been able to avoid.

We also did two more 1 mile walks around Newell House to keep up with our exercise.  So far, over the last two weeks, I'm down 6.5 pounds just from eating less and moving more.  Additionally, for those who might be interested, we've begun watching "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" on Amazon Prime......what a great series!  The character development, and acting are superb, and it is very funny.  We've just begun Season 2, and I believe Season 4 began production this month.

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*NFT = National Forest Service

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