Friday, February 11, 2022

Living in the present.....the moment.....

 8:27 am - Friday - February 11th - Newell House, AZ - 51° F, 32% humidity, wind 1 mph out of the northeast.....crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 80° F.  On this date in 2012 we went deep sea fishing with our good friend Ernie Prociw......we caught one mahi mahi......↴

Thursday was a lazy day for me, and I don't feel guilty at all about that.  The only thing I did all day was take two 1 mile walks around Newell House with TLE.  Other than that I spent the entire day disengaged from the project world.

We've never been to our friend Charles' home as he lives about 45 minutes from Wittmann, and we usually just meet somewhere in between for lunch when we are in town, but since TLE's sister, Phyllis, was slated to back in town again we suggested we meet them for dinner at Charles' home Thursday.  We left home around 4:30 pm, and after a completely uneventful, 'rush hour' light drive arrived at his home around 5:15 pm.  As often happens I became caught up in the moment, and neglected to take pictures of our evening, but Charles kindly obliged us with a few pictures of his own.

We began the evening sitting by a wonderful backyard firepit imbibing some wine, munching on some low cal snacks, and conversing non-stop before adjourning around 6:30 pm to a patio on the other side of the house for an alfresco dinner..... 

....for the record Charles is a wine connoisseur, and has a wonderful wine cellar.  We began the evening with a lovely 2007 Stags Leap Petite Syrah with a nice finish, then progressed to a full bodied 2013 Silver Mountain Syrah for dinner, and a delicate, silky smooth 2012 Silver Mountain Pinot Noir for desert.  What a delightful evening of wine tasting, and good fellowship!

As Charles quipped "Three dead soldiers"....

For dinner Charles and Phyllis prepared a great coleslaw as a side to mini pizzas....all very low calorie, which we appreciated.  It makes us happy to see Charles and Phyllis moving forward toward the future, while living in the moment, as their renewed relationship slowly blossoms, and letting the past remain in the past.

As has been the case each of the prior two times we met for lunch, the conversation never waned for 3 hours.  Around 8:30 we announced we needed to be on our way home, and after trading until next times we were in the VW on our 45 minute drive home.  What a fine way to end a relaxing day!

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