Monday, February 14, 2022

Super duper Sunday.....

 8:23 am - Monday - February 14th - Newell House, AZ - 44 F, 25% humidity, wind 2 mph out of the east by northeast......crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today, again, with a forecast high of 79° F......the forecast for the next 12 days looks great......

....on this date in 2013 we were in Marathon Key, FL at the Jolly Roger RV Park.......↴

I haven't watched a PGA tour event for several months now, but this week I began watching the Phoenix Open on Friday, and finished watching the 4th round on Sunday.  It was a great tournament with probably 7 guys having a chance to win at the end, however, at the end of 72 holes there were two golfers tied for first (there easily could have been 5).....Patrick Cantlay, and Scottie Scheffler necessitating a sudden death playoff.  It took 3 extra holes to determine the winner, which was Scottie Scheffler, who also won the FedEx Championship last year.  

From golf I transitioned directly to Super Bowl LVI (56) pitting the L.A. Rams against the Cincinnati Bengals.  Both teams were number 4 seeds, and had to knock off pretty good #1 seeds to get to the big game.  Even though I am a SoCal native I really didn't care who won the game....I just wanted a close game at the end, and that is what I got.  Why am I not a Rams fan?  Well, I was until they moved to St. Louis (where they won their only Super Bowl until Sunday) in 1995, and didn't return until 2016.  For many, many years there were no teams in L.A., and my loyalties wandered elsewhere.  I became a Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks fan during that interim, and still am.  All that being said, how cool would it be for the Rams to win the Super Bowl in their own, brand new stadium?  Just as the last 6 playoff games came down to the final minutes, this one did also with the Rams prevailing 23-20 as the clock hit ZERO.

Other than Sunday being basically a sports day for me, I did take two 1 mile fast walks with TLE, but that was the extent of my outdoor activity.  Monday it will be back to project completion for me.  The VW needs new rotors and pads (front and back), and the final parts arrived Sunday, so I'll take a shallow dive into that project Monday and/or Tuesday.  

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