Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Spa day.....

 8:31 am - Tuesday - February 8th - Newell House, AZ - 45° F, 25% humidity, wind 2 mph out of the northeast.....clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 75° F.  On this date in 2013 we were in Zephyhills, FL visiting friends we had met at Amazon 4 months before (Jim & Sharon McBee)....still had the 2002 T-Bird then......↴

Monday marked our 8th day inside Newell House....sure glad I topped off the fresh water tank before we moved inside for what was to be a 2-3 day stay (LOL).  Thankfully, Monday was to be our last day inside.  All I had left to do was apply the Dicor lap sealant to the 8 solar panel 'feet', and then deliver the annual spa treatment to my ALCOA wheels on the Newell.  

First up was to apply the self leveling Dicor lap sealant, which did not take long......

....now all that is needed is about 48 hours for it to cure, and then we are free to roam, if we wish, but that will not be for another week, or two.

Then it was time to spend a few hours sitting on the floor polishing the four (visible) ALCOA rims on the Newell.  The last time I performed this task was last February when we were on our 1 month hiatus from Seal Rocks RV Cove.  They looked beautiful when we left to drive back north, but after driving through snow, and rain for two days near the end of our return trip they looked horrible again.  To add to that they spent another 6 months partially exposed to the salt laden air of Coastal Oregon.  I did my best to shield them, but that salt air is insidious.  By the time we left SRRVC back on October 1st there was a layer of crusty salt on each of them.  Below is the right, rear wheel....if you enlarge the pictures by clicking on them you can see what I am talking about.....

Before Blue Magic

.....after 45 minutes of polishing this one with Blue Magic Metal Polishing Cream it was smiling once again......

After Blue Magic

......I spent about 3 hours in all applying Blue Magic, polishing, and then wiping the residue off the wheels before each of them passed the 5' test.  What is the 5' foot test you ask?  If they look good at 5' that's good enough for me.  Keep in mind, these ALCOA's are 40 years old.  I think they still look pretty good after all that time....

Left front

Right front

Left rear

.....by the time I was done I was beat once again. Nothing like sitting 72 year old bones on a cold, concrete floor for 3 hours to make you feel like a young man again.....NOT!

It was TLE's turn to provide dinner, and she made bacon wrapped, stuffed chicken thighs to share with our hosts.  Everyone loved them.....were they ever tasty!  As we walked out the back door back to Newell House I caught the after glow of our latest Wittmann sunset.....

.....and with that another Wittmann day came to an end.  We'll roll our wheels first thing Tuesday morning out of Newell House, and back to our full hookup spot where I'll work on a few remaining small projects before we hit the road once again.  Still not quite sure when that will be, but it should be in the next 10 days, or so.

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