Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Too cold to do much, so we didn't......

6:54 am - Wednesday - May 8th - LPG&RVR - 31° F, humidity 70%, wind 3 mph out of the north by northwest.....crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today...finally...and a forecast high of 58° F.  On this date in 2012 TLE and I were visiting Buffalo Bill Cody's home in North Platte, NB.....

Tuesday was one more day in a long line of recent days where morning temps were in the low 30's.....when will Spring arrive?  Hope deferred makes the heart  The day began cold, with heavy cloud cover, but morphed into a beautiful, sunny, partly cloudy day.  Nevertheless, I never took my coat off when outside.  There was just enough of a light breeze requiring the wearing of long pants, and quilted coats.  How cold was it?  It was so cold I did not venture outdoors until well after 10 am, and even then I was only outside a few minutes at a time until after 12 pm.

I did do some weeding around the 'lido deck', but there is a long way to go before our site is weed free.  Around 2 pm I drove the cart over to the Clubhouse to spend time with Del, our new employee who is taking Walt's place this summer as my counterpart.  I took him around the RV park showing him where we mow, and what our shared responsibilities are.  It took around 90 minutes before I handed him off to Dennis Tate, owner, for the balance of his orientation. 

And that my, friends, was the totality of the first of my four day weekend.  I did, also, dump the black tank, while TLE defrosted the refrigerator, and did a few loads of wash....a typical first day of a four day weekend.  On Wednesday we'll drive into Susanville, where we have not been since this time last year, to do a little shopping.  The weather is warming ever so slowly, but by Friday we'll be back in the much sought after 70's through May 17th.....nice.....

....and look at all those sunny, essentially non-cloudy days which await us!  Thanks for stopping by!

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