Thursday, October 24, 2013


We knew we only had 99 miles to drive to Fairmont Hot Springs so we just took our time aiming to get out of town by Noon, plus it was very, very cold Wednesday morning.  I finished up a few chores early such as thoroughly cleaning the boots I had worn for the sugar beet harvest.  In the laundry at the RV park there was a large utility sink that was perfect for the job.  As I used a large bristled brush to scrub the stubborn mud off the soles of the boots I could still smell the sugar beet smell that permeated everything, everywhere in Sidney.  Next I had to finish putting a few things away in the trailer, and then we were ready.

Chris was at work, but Jeanne came over so we could say our "until next times" and we were off.....just shy of Noon....I love it when a plan comes together!

As we merged into the westbound lanes of I-90 TLE says....."you know there is a Walmart at the next exit.....let's stop and see if we can find a flat screen TV to replace the one in the bedroom".....I needed to add a couple of quarts of oil, and it had been too cold to drain the two quarts in from the oil reservoir so I suggested she go inside while I added the oil now that the DD had warmed up sufficiently for the oil to drain freely.   Within a few minutes after I finished with my task TLE returned with the news that they had a 22" VISIO LCD flat screen TV that would fit the space perfectly for $158, so I went inside with her to look at was perfect, so we snatched one up and headed for the checkout stand, but not before snagging a new Phillips BluRay/DVD player and and HDMI cable to connect it to the new Pillips LCD TV we got a few days ago.

Okay, we had driven a total of 2 miles so far and it was closing in on 1 pm, but WTH.....we're only going 99 miles, right?  So, we merged back on to the Interstate determined to pound out the remaining 97 miles.  

The weather was clear, there was no wind, and the scenery was just spectacular as we cruised westward towards the Continental Divide at 6,393 feet above sea level.  The 6V92 DD performed flawlessly, and the coolant temp never got above 198 degrees.

We crested the summit and slid down the 6 degree slope on the other side toward Butte, MT with the "jake brake" sound reverberating off the "K" rail center divider.  We arrived at Fairmont Hot Springs RV Park around 2:20 to find the park completely empty, filled out our self registration form and headed to the same spot we had when we were here about 5 weeks ago.  

There was no power when we hooked up, but that was because the electrical guys were replacing a transformer. They told us power would be back on within 2 hours so we headed over to the hot springs to make our massage appointments for Thursday, then into the hot pool for 90 minutes to soak away the soreness.  It was heaven.  By the time we returned to the coach a little after 4:30 the power was, indeed, back on.

I installed the BluRay/DVD player, and it worked test it I watched a Mountain Bike DVD Pat Bonish (Low Key Hideaway) had given me when we were in Cedar Key last January called Seasons (click the link to see a  3 minute YouTube snippet of this 40 minute movie).

I got out the BBQ around 5:30, while TLE prepared a filet for grilling, as well as sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and caramelized onions and mushrooms.  The steak, as always, came out a perfect medium rare, and each bite just melted in your mouth.

To close out the evening we watched a few recorded programs (NCIS, NCIS L.A., and Person of Interest), and while TLE watched one of her cooking shows I installed the new bedroom TV.  I think it came out well.

We are only 5 days removed from Sidney and the sugar beet harvest, and a little over 500 miles, but it seems like a lifetime ago to me already.  We've had three beautiful, crystal clear days.  It's nice to be living in the light again.

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