Friday, October 18, 2013

Sugar Beet Harvest - Day # 18 - How it ends

I slept until almost 10 am Thursday after going to bed a little after midnight.....I don't remember the last time I slept almost 10 hours, but it felt yummy.   The first thing I did after pouring  a cup of joe was to call the employee hotline to see what was what for Thursday evening.  The message said we, the night shift, were to report at our usual start time of 7 pm, but gave no hint as to how long we would work.

There is not much else to report about our Thursday.......we went no where, and really did nothing.....seriously, nothing.  Since I'm not sleeping until 3 pm like I was when we were actually working a 12 hour shift, and I'm going to bed earlier, and getting up earlier I have a lot of time to do nothing.  We are both getting bored with long days before going to work, and anticipating the end of our assignment here in Sidney, MT.  

It was sunny all day and we could see that in our RV ghetto the mud was drying up, so we were hopeful we would have a normal 12 hour shift, but, unfortunately, being hopeful does not always pan out.

We reported for work around 6:30, and found out right away that once again the trucks were only going to run until 7 pm, and our task, once again, would be to clean the two pilers that ran Thursday.....2 and 4.  Dallas and I were sent to FP4 to clean it.  We took our time, but were still done by 7:45.  Then we walked over to FP2 to help Joe and Casey move the gigantic 4 phase power cord to its final position for that piler.  It appears FP2 has about 2 more days before it is done, and FP4 maybe one more day.

While I was out climbing around FP4 TLE found out from our over all supervisor, Vanessa, that our last shift will be Saturday night/Sunday morning.  She also found out that they do expect to run a full shift Friday night and Saturday night, but we'll see.   At any rate it turns out that if we are called into work we get paid for 8 hours no matter how little time we are there, so at least we will get paid for 8 hours for Wednesday night, and for Thursday night, while working less than 3 hours total for the two nights.

Well, there you go......we are just two shifts away from finishing this job, and we will be departing on Monday morning for warmer, less muddy regions.  By Wednesday we will be soaking in the hot springs at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, and by the next weekend we should be at my brother's home in Salt Lake City where we will have our floors redone.

Right after we got home from another abbreviated shift it started raining again, and kept on for almost an hour.  I hope this does't mess up plans for tomorrow night, but whatever happens we will just "roll with the punches" as my Dad used to say.

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