Monday, October 14, 2013

Sugar Beet Harvest - Day # 14 - Some Day

I suppose that some day we will go back to work, but for now we are just playing a waiting game.  Some day we'll be far from Sidney, MT soaking away our (actually my) soreness in the hot springs in Fairmont, MT, but for right now some day is just something I dream about.  Meanwhile we called the employee hotline about 4 pm Sunday to find out if we were going to be going to work at 7 pm, only to find out that we will wait one more day to go back to work.  We are tentatively scheduled to go back to work at 7 pm Monday evening.  But here's the kicker, and why I say is supposed to begin raining again tonight around 10 pm, and rain most of the night.  If the amount of rain is sufficient we will not be working tomorrow night either.  After tonight we have clear dry weather for over a week forecast by the weather guessers, so some day not too far distant we will start working again, and then we will be finished in just a few days.

I went to bed Sunday morning around 2:30 am.....again, still trying to keep somewhat to our work schedule.....TLE was more successful than I as she didn't go to bed until  after 4:30.  I was up around 10:15 am.  The skies continued to be clear Sunday, with another high around 55.  It did get cold enough overnight that the water hose froze so I had to turn on the water pump to access water from our fresh water tank,  but within an hour or so the hose unfroze, and water was once again flowing freely.

I watched football all day, but at the half time of the first game I headed over to the trailer where we parked the T-Bird last night to avoid driving it through the mud after just getting it cleaned, and did a little more detailing.  While I was gone TLE mended my $3 winter coat....a seam in the sleeve had come apart, so she stitched it back only has to last 5-7 more days and then it will be given an honorable burial.

The afternoon NFL game was between the Patriots and Saints.......Tom Brady threw a touchdown pass with 5 seconds to go to win by 3 was a very good game to watch.  Once we knew we didn't have to work I settled in to watch the evening NFL game between the Cowboys and Redskins and, simultaneously, the Tiger and Red Sox MLB game.  Life is good, but some day, not too far distant, I won't have to worry about anything interrupting a football, or baseball game.

This has all really worked out well, because I really needed 3 days off from work.  Even though things had slowed down I was starting to feel like I had been in a car wreck.  After three days off the achy feeling is mostly gone, except from my hands, and they will probably take a week to 10 days of no activity to start feeling like hands again.  Right now I have a hard time making a fist they are soooo stiff, but some day I won't be thinking about that anymore either.

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Doesn't look like work today (Monday)


  1. Do you have a tentative date yet for your travels through Bozeman? It wiuld be fun to see you two. We are staying at Sunrise campground.

  2. We should be done by the 21st, or 22nd, which would put us in Bozeman around the 23rd, or 24th.


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