Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sugar Beet Harvest - Day # 13 - Waiting

Around 5 pm on Friday we called the employee hotline to hear the latest message about whether we would work Saturday night.......the message advised we would not work Saturday night, and should call back at 6 pm on Sunday for further instructions.  So, we have a second night one here is complaining.  On top of that Rain is forecast again for early Monday morning, so even Sunday night is up in the air.  There are only 5-7 days left in the harvest, so we are ready to get on with it and finish out the job so we can head south to warmer climate.  Nevertheless, if it rains it rains.  We'll continue on in style and take one day at a time.  

In the mean time we are enjoying the reprieve from the 12 hour shifts.  I spent the morning and afternoon watching NCAA football.  Around 3 pm we decided to run the T-Bird through the local do it yourself carwash, and then go out for a late lunch/early dinnerI bought the best carwash the Exxon station sold for $11 and we got our money's worth for sure.  She looks good again.

From there we headed over to a local pizza place called Panini's Pizzaria, which while it only has one Yelp review bestowing 5 stars upon it, we would have to agree with that rating.  The ambiance is very nice, the service is quick, and the pizza is exceptional.....if only they served beer.  Frankly, I can't remember the last time I had a beer, but to be honest I haven't really wanted one....I've been too tired for most of the past 13 days, and if I had a beer it would just put me right to!

There is not much else to recount about our day......I did watch the entire Tigers vs. Red Sox game, which the Tigers won 1-0.  My Dodgers dropped their second NLCS game to the Cardinals by the same score.

The wind from Friday night continued into mid morning, and the daytime high was only 55 if that.  The wind was strong enough that it blew out the pilot light on the water heater twice, but now, this evening, it is calm and windless.  The sun was out all day, and the mud mostly dried up here in the RV ghetto.

We are (as I write) enjoying a nice quiet evening, and the time we have off from the harvest.  Sunday will be another day, and we will await anxiously word of whether, or not we are called back to work Sunday evening.

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