Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Home Improvement

For my two sisters-in-law, Phyllis and Lori, we are near Salt Lake City until this coming Sunday at my brother's (Dwyer) home doing some interior remodeling on the coach....no need to read any further if you do not wish to do so.....:D

The overnight low in Ogden Sunday night was 45 degrees....it felt warmer than that.  It didn't get below 71 inside the coach without heaters on all night.  What a sweet change!

We departed Wasatch View Estates around 10:52 am with the wind gusting up to 30 mph.  We only had 57 miles to travel to my brother's home, and fortunately, the wind did not get bad until the last 16 miles when it began to come from the driver's side pretty hard.  As we drove further you could see the whole valley full of blowing dust.  Rain was forecast for sometime in the afternoon, so we wanted to be at our destination and set up before the rain came.

We arrived at my brother's home at exactly Noon time, and within 10 minutes had parked the coach and trailer.  The last time we were here I had to drop the trailer.....it's always a little difficult parking in a cul de sac, but TLE and I talked it over before we arrived and I think that helped because we nailed it the first try, and didn't have to drop the trailer this time.

I think what helped us a lot this time was taking the car out of the trailer first and then backing into the cul de sac.....having 3,000 lbs. less in the trailer makes a big difference in backing up in tight places.

Shortly after we got set up we hopped in the 'Bird and drove up to the local Lowe's store to look at their vinyl wood grain plank style flooring.  As you know from my past blog entries we have had trouble with our interlocking wood flooring that was installed almost 5 1/2 years ago now.  We believe the vinyl flooring will work better in our situation.  We found what we needed within just a few minutes, and bought 180 square feet of it at .98 cents a foot.  

From there we headed down I-15 to Draper, UT and Campingworld to look at their RV furniture for a small compact work station for me.  We plan to remove the sofa bed couch we have and replace it with another European style recliner similar to the one I have, which would leave room for some sort of a work station.  Above is an internet photo of what we bought.  I don't think this is the final solution, but it will be something we try.  Tuesday we will go looking for a new recliner for TLE.  Also, on Tuesday, will see us also begin to remove all the old wood flooring and get ready to install the new vinyl wood flooring.

Around 6 pm we headed into our host's home (my brother Dwyer, and his lovely wife Lori) for dinner.......we sat talking until after 10 pm ending the evening sampling a few single malt scotches my brother has acquired over the past year.

Lori and Dwyer...taken at the wedding of their daughter in August

The Red Sox won game 5 to go up 3 games to 2  over the Cardinals with 2 games remaining in Boston.....thanks for stopping by!

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