Monday, October 21, 2013

"Closed For the Season"

What a difference a couple of naps and 9 hours of sleep do for your mental outlook!  I now have the perfect remedy for changing your sleep pattern back to night a 12 hour night shift, then don't go to bed until the following night.  I woke up Monday morning feeling like a man who had just been paroled from prison, and had a new lease on life.  

Our jello plan.....I know, I haven't used that term for a long time.....was to drive 141 miles further south and west to Columbus, MT and call it a day.  It was a good, solid plan, but it showed a certain amount of naivete on my part......why? you ask......well, let me tell the story and you will see in good time.

We departed Forsyth around 11:20 am in a slight drizzle after TLE did another wash....we have a lot of laundry after 21 days.  Our first stop of the day was at about the 60 mile mark when we stopped at a Rest Area to take care of the necessaries.  We had a slight tail wind, and the driving was easy....the kind of day that keeps you loving being on the road.  The skies gradually cleared, and pretty soon we were donning our sun glasses and turning off the heater.

At the 100 mile mark we stopped at the Flying J in Billings to pay the rent.....we took on about 129 gallons of rent at a cost of just under $500.  First time we've paid rent in about 5 weeks.

A little Fall color

We drove another 20 miles and stopped at a Walmart Supercenter to see if they had the 29" Phillips LCD TV we had been looking at since before we got to Sidney.  I'm glad we waited, because it was about $30 lower at $248 than we had see it previously.  Our 10 year old Panasonic 22" flat screen is just too small, and now with the new technology the Phillips is a lot thinner, plus this TV is WiFi and Bluetooth capable.  With the Bluetooth I can use it as a computer monitor with my to follow as soon as I install it!

Nearing the Continental Divide

From there we only had 25 more miles to Columbus and Moutain View RV Park where we have stayed twice before.  This was when Mr. Jello reared his ugly we exited TLE noticed that the billboard advertising the park had a sign on it reading "Closed for the Season"......I should have checked ahead.....this is Montana after all and winter is fast approaching.  Sooo...we turned left and went into the Pilot truck stop to come up with a plan "B".  Really, plan "B" was easy to come up with......all the parks in between us and our next destination of Bozeman were also closed for the season.  Bozeman was only another 104 miles, so I just sucked it up and got 'er done.  We arrived in Bozeman around 5:20 pm where we will be for 2 days visiting with our friends Jeanne and Chris, who have been here for 3 weeks while Chris finishes up a job.  

It was fun surprising them as we pulled in next to their Prevost a day early.  As it turns out, tonight is their anniversary, so we will go to dinner with them Tuesday night.  Tuesday will be full of the TV project, and a few small fixit things.

We had a nice travel day, and found ourselves giggling at silly things, and just enjoying each other the entire day.  In closing I have an update on my Dodgers, although it is extremely painful to relate....they lost game 6 to St. Louis 9-0.....I'm just starting to get over the disappointment.

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  1. I can not believe they lost. I hate St Louis now being a Cub fan. I'm originally from the Bay Area, so when I was a kid it was the Giants vs Dogers, Marishal vs Kolfax. I don't remember who they pitched against Drysdale.
    Anyway, I'm sorry they lost.


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