Thursday, October 31, 2013


We started working on the final preparations before we could start laying the flooring around 10 am, and pretty much went all day until the phone was my sister-in-law, Lori, calling to tell us dinner was 6 pm already?  I have to tell you one thing.......this job is kicking my a$$.  My hands, which were starting to feel normal again after 3 weeks at the sugar beet harvest, are all stiff again.  It's kind of funny.......I worked hard to earn that money at the sugar beet harvest, and now I'm working almost as hard to spend it.....:D

I had a few things left to do before we could start laying the new vinyl flooring......first I had to finish the new wire tunnel for the ROMEX wire that runs alternating current to two of the outlets I installed in the front of the coach, plus two other 12 volt wires....all three used to just run under the couch along the floor.  Below is the new wire tunnel....I re-purposed the trim that was between the couch and the you can see it turned out nicely.  My new workstation will go in this corner.

Next I had to install the new gas furnace register, which also came out quite well!

Finally I had to trim the edge around the stairwell so it was level with the new floor.  Since we were using the real wood flooring 5 1/2 years ago we had to raise the area around the stairwell about 3/4 of an inch.  In the picture below you can see that it is now level with the new floor.  That was a tough job, but my brother, Dwyer, had this cool oscillating cutting tool that saved a bunch of time, and did a great job.....I would love one of those, but I would probably only need to use it once every decade, so I'll just be sure to be in the Salt Lake Area the next time the need for one comes up.

We started laying flooring around 4 pm, and got quite a bit done in 2 hours before dinner.....we'll finish up on Thursday and then begin to put everything back together.  Oh, I almost forgot.....Dwyer helped us load the old sofa into his pickup truck and he hauled over to the local Desert Industries.....a large chain of thrift shops operated by the LDS.  We visited it a couple of days ago, and were quite impressed with the quality of the items, and the prices. the sofabed is gone.....there is no turning back now!   On their way back they stopped and picked up TLE's new recliner so it just remains for us to assemble it and start using it once the floors are done!

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