Friday, October 25, 2013

Almost Heaven....

The overnight low was 22 degrees here in sunny Fairmont Hot Springs......the temperature swings between day and night are about 40 degrees here at this time of year, which is really significant if you think about it.  At 8 am it was still 23 degrees, and yet it got up to 61 felt like a typical Fall day, but by 7 pm it felt like winter.

I slept in until almost 9 am.....feels good to know I can get up at 9 am and still have gotten 10 hours sleep.....a big change from a couple of weeks ago.  We had made appointments for two massages at Noon Thursday so we could sleep in if we chose to, and not have to rush around to get there on time.  We arrived around 5 minutes to Noon to find our masseuses awaiting our arrival.  I have never had a 60 minute full body massage, and frankly I am not sure why not.  I can tell you this affirmatively.....from now on I will be seeking one out on a more regular basis.  I think I fell asleep a couple of times during the hour.  Amy did a wonderful job.  When I emerged from my "almost heaven" experience I found TLE recounting a similar experience.  We had thought about possibly heading right to the hot springs to soak, but we decided to walk home and lay down for an hour to let the massage "soak" in....I'm glad we did.  By the time we returned to the hot springs around 2:30 we were both ready to have a good long soak, and we moved back and forth between the 93 degree pool, and the 103 degree pool several times over an hour+.

I was looking out the windows while sitting in the hot pool thinking about how far away the sugar beet harvest felt at that moment, and so glad we had decided to come here as a reward to ourselves......okay, mostly a reward to myself for the hard work I did over the last three weeks.....but TLE was happy to come along for the ride.

We got back to the coach around 4:30 to rest some more before heading back to Whiskey Joe's Lounge at the resort , which opens its doors each evening at 6 pm, for some draft beer and appetizers.   They only had three beers on tap, but it was our lucky day in that one of the three was Cold Smoke Porter, one of our favorite Montana craft beers, so we ordered two pints to start out, plus a couple of appetizers......Chicken Quesadilla and Egg Roles.  We're sitting at the table finishing our appetizers, and beer when TLE turns to me and says "that's how I saw my day ending"......yeah I would have to agree....we are definitely on the same page.

As we walked home (about a 1/3 of a mile) along the tree lined path I had my arm around TLE and was just enjoying her nearness and the feel of the crisp touch of the early evening air on my face.  Of course the tree leaves are now all golden foretelling the not too distant arrival of winter.  These are the kinds of moments we have together that have made our journey so rewarding.  

Friday we are heading further south toward Idaho Falls, and then on to Salt Lake City to see my brother and his is good!

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