Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sugar Beet Harvest - Day # 15 - H2O

I usually love the sound of rain on the roof.....in fact I really can't think of a time when I haven't liked it.....until now.  Why?  Because rain on the roof means we are being delayed another day from completing our assignment.

It began raining about 1 am Monday morning, and continued raining into mid afternoon.  Pretty much like the last rain......never hard, but steady, hour after hour.  The longer it continued the more certain we both were that there would be no night shift Monday night.  Around 4 pm we called the employee hotline and confirmed our suspicions that once again we would not be required to show up at 7 pm for the night shift.  That H2O  falling from the heavens is now becoming our enemy.  Based on what several people have told us we had 5-7 days left as of Friday morning at the end of our last shift.......now 4 days have passed and it is looking like a 5th may pass without working.....we could very well have been done by Wednesday morning, but here we sit waiting for things to dry out again so we can be done and move on.

Monday was a very, very cold, rainy, blustery day......certainly not the kind of day you would want to be working outside, especially at night.  We pretty much stayed inside all day with 4 electric heaters going full time........the one in the water bay keeping the fresh and waste water from freezing, and three inside the coach.  The water hose froze again.  We spent the day napping, and still catching up on a big back log of recorded shows (CSI, X-Factor, Person of Interest, Master Chef, etc,).

Around 3:40 our daughter, Meredith, called to chat for a few minutes as she often randomly does.....it is always nice to hear from her!  Around 5:30 I took a long nap.....still trying to do my sleeping during the day time, but it's getting harder and harder to stay up til 3, or 4 am.......I've been slipping back to 2, or 2:30 am, which means I'm also waking up earlier in the day, hence the writing of this blog entry getting done earlier and earlier in the day.

I settled in to watch the Dodger vs. Cardinal MLB NLCS game around 6:30 hoping my Dodgers would win and get us back into this series.  After 22 scoreless innings the offense and timely hitting finally reappeared and we won the game 3-0.  If you had told me a week ago that the Dodger pitching would hold the opposition to 3 earned runs in 3 games I would have thought we would be up 3-0, but we have only scored 5 earned runs in that span, and 3 of them in the last game.  The pitching has done its job, let's just hope the offense continues to wake up.....we need three more wins to advance to the World Series.

We hit the sack around 2 am.....see what I mean?  Doesn't take too many days to reverse our routine. Oh well, there are only 5-7 days left, so we'll just have to tough it out.  

As I write the sun is out, and there is not a cloud in the sky.  We will await the next employee hotline update and see if we go back to work tonight, or wait one more day.

Tuesday morning around 9:45 am....the sun is out!

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