Friday, November 1, 2013

DONE!!!.......okay....almost DONE!

We hit the deck running Thursday morning, and by 9 am were deep into the continuing installation of our new flooring, plus my new work space.  TLE and I developed a good rhythm working together and by 2 pm we had about 80% of the flooring in place.  We saved the toughest parts for my brother who does this kind of work for a living, and while it takes a while to do the last 20%.....if it was I doing this part it would take 3 times longer.

Eventually TLE and I had gone as far as we could go without Dwyer's expertise, so we went out to the garage (trailer) to assemble her new recliner.  Wow.....that was way harder than either of us envisioned.  Even with TLE reading the directions it took us over an hour to put it least there were no bolts or washers left over.

TLE needed to go to the store to get a couple of things.....mainly the 1/2 and 1/2 she forgot the day before, but also another folding chair like the one we got for my work station.  We figured when we have guests we can use the two folding chairs to go along with our two recliners and the two front seats that we swivel around when we are parked.  I, on the other hand, needed a nap, so I went inside to lay down for 30 just about the 30 minute mark Dwyer returned home from a job he is working on, and came over to start working on the difficult sections where a lot of cuts are necessary to get each piece to fit properly.  By 6 pm he had gone as far as he was going to go Thursday, and it was time for dinner.  He probably has 3-4 hours of work left, which will get done Friday afternoon, but this is what our salon looks like can still see a few spots where the linoleum moisture barrier is showing through, but they will disappear Friday morning.

There is a small amount of "piece work" that Dwyer will finish Friday afternoon, and some trim to install, but we are basically there as far as the new look and feel.....I now have a dedicated work space with which I am very pleased, and TLE has her own recliner now, and the space feels a little bigger than it did with the sofabed.  The main thing is the damaged wood flooring is now replaced with the easier to maintain vinyl flooring, but we still have the wood look and feel.

We headed into Dwyer and Lori's home for dinner around 6:30, and enjoyed another evening of laughter and great conversation, not to mention another great meal prepared by the loving hand's of my sister-in-law.

We got back to the coach just in time to see the very end of the Dophins vs. Bengals NFL game, which was in overtime....the Dolphins won on a "safety" when their quarterback was "sacked" (tackled) in the end zone.

Oh, and by the way, I forgot to mention that the Boston Red Sox won game 6 to win the World sport down, and another starting's almost basketball season and time for the NBA and NCAA basketball!

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  1. Your remodel and new furniture layout looks great!

  2. Nice job Clarke I knew when that sofa come out that it would open up a great deal. I pulled a dinette out of a no slide Georgie Boy after the two of us would bag into each other just trying to past one another. Pictures where great too love to see a job done to perfection....

  3. Thank you Jeanne and Joey! We love the end result a lot!


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