Tuesday, November 5, 2013

"Honey Do"

Monday was just a plain, old fashioned, very, very cold day.....no two ways about it.....according to the "guessers" it got up to 42, but with the high humidity it felt 10 degrees colder.  I was feeling better in the morning after a day of feeling kind of "punk" on Sunday.  I had one last "honey do" thing to accomplish for The Lovely Elaine.  Of course, the very big "honey do" item had been put to bed.....redo the salon area, and coach flooring......but this last "honey do" item was very important to TLE, and she had been talking it up to me for almost as long as the salon redo (remove the couch, etc.), so I knew I needed to come through for her on this last smallish item.

As you know, we have a small fold-down dinette table in the salon, which, when we are parked, is up most of the time.  Before we installed my new computer station I either used the dinette table to sit my laptop on, or used a small "TV" table in front of the drivers seat.  Now that I need neither of those tables any further for my laptop we would prefer the dinette table only be up when we are using it to "dine".  Being able to keep it down makes the area much roomier.  

We have previously utilized a 3 foot long table that came with the coach in this space, but it stuck out about 18" and still did not make the area feel too much bigger, so TLE's vision for that table involved cutting it down to 7" wide, and permanently fastening it to the wall.  Once again, let me remind you......I don't like big changes, and cutting this nice looking table down to a third its size just didn't feel right, but in my heart I knew TLE's idea was a good one.  It was just a matter of "making it happen", so Monday morning, the beginning of our last full day at my brother's home with access to the necessary power tools to do the job, I got busy cutting the table down and installing it just over the fold up dinette table.  Personally, I think it turned out well, and based on the quick posting of pictures by TLE on Facebook, I'm pretty sure she likes it a lot.  Here are TLE's pictures posted on Facebood for her friends to see.

Table down

Table up

It took me the better part of four hours to complete the job, and by 1:30 pm I was starting to feel "punk" again.......nuts!!  I sat in my recliner to take a nap whilst TLE made a "wine run" to the local State liquor store.....where we are headed (HWY 50) there are not a lot of liquor stores, and our supply of suitable wine is pretty much gone.

When she returned I was feeling a tad better, but still not 100%, so we loaded up the extra 2 boxes of flooring we didn't use for our remodel project and took them back to Lowe's for our refund of $62.  By the time we returned I thought I was going to throw up, and dashed into the coach quickly, but (whew!!) the feeling passed.  

Our original plan was to go out to dinner at a local brew pub with Dwyer and Lori, but I ended up spening the remainder of the evening resting in my recliner, watching MNF (Monday Night Football), and "Bones" live (I fell asleep near the end of the episode), after which we headed off to bed at 10 pm.....I was feeling better by that time, and was optimistic I was finally getting past this "thing".  You must know if I passed up an opportunity for good beer and food I must not have felt very well......hmmmm?

Tuesday we will roll the wheels of the Newell once again heading first south in I-15, then west on HWY 50 to Carson City.  Looking forward to getting back to Pacific Standard Time, but even more, looking forward to new adventures along the way!

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  1. Been following you since just before your work with the "beats", really enjoy it. We came across US 50 from Salt Lake back in June, and stayed at the Prospector Hotel & Casino RV Park in Ely Nevada, $15 per night. The best thing is that there is a laundry mat across the road which is one of the best we have ever used, it is called Soak n Suds. Anyway, the important thing to remember on US 50 is to watch the speed limit in those little towns, especially the one just to the west of Ely....you have a down slope and it is hard to keep the speed down. Mom got a ticket there many years ago and warned us of it...sure enough, there was a police car right there..... Dave (GoingRvWay.com)

  2. Hi Dave! Thank you for the tip on the Prospector Hotel and Casino. We wanted to spend the night in Ely, so that is where we will stay......we'll leave Baker, NV around Noon and drive the 60+ miles to Ely Wednesday and do a little exploring around the town. Last time we came through Ely we just stopped to buy groceries. I think you are referring to Austin where the police wait for you to make a mistake, and you are right! We'll go slow for sure!

  3. Actually, it is Eureka...but honestly, it could be just about any small town along US 50, but Eureka is where mom got her ticket some 30 years ago, and where we saw the police car aiming the radar at vehicles coming down the hill into town.

  4. Dave, we arrived in Ely around 12:45 and got a great pull through spot at the Propector Casino RV Park. Perfect overnight spot! Thank you for the heads up......I don't think we would have seen it since you must turn left on US HWY 93 to get to it....we would normally turn left at the signal to continue on US HWY 50. Thank you very, very much!


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