Friday, November 8, 2013

The 300

For my sisters-in-law, Phyllis and Lori, we are now in Carson City, NV for four you are now free to move on to more profitable tasks if you do not wish to read the gory details of Thursday's travel....JK....thanks for reading anyway!

I apologize in advance for another movie reference, but I just couldn't will make sense a little later......please read on.

Mr. Jello made another appearance Thursday morning.  We had a very simple 147 miles to Austin, NV and spend the night.  TLE was a little under the weather first thing....I think she had a mild case of my issue a few days before when we were still at my brother's home, but by 10:30 am she was ready to roll.

As a after thought I called the RV park in Austin we had planned to overnight at and left a message......when you get voice mail at 10:30 in the morning at a an RV park it is not usually a good sign.

The overnight temp only got down to 33....quite a bit warmer than we have been used to, but 33 is still cold......nevertheless, it warmed up quickly to over 50 by the time we left at 10:30.  The road continued to be smooth and straight.

 Straight and flat for 20 miles!

 Heading down, down, down out of Austin

Salt flats east of Fallon

About 11:00 I received a return call from the RV park in Austin advising they were "CLOSED FOR THE SEASON"......drat!  There was another park in Austin that we stayed at 5.5 years ago, but it was not nearly big enough for us with a trailer this time, so we said "thank you very much Mr. Jello", and went to discussing plan "B".  There was no plan "B" beforehand, but we came up with it pretty quickly......we decided to just drive the 300+ miles to Carson City and get there a day early.   I has been a while since I drove a 300+ mile day, and I remember now exactly why I don't like to do that.  If I had known we would end up driving all the way to Carson City we would have left 2 hours earlier as I prefer not driving the coach at night, especially in densely populated urban areas, but it is what it was. 

We stopped in Eureka.....about half way to Austin.....for lunch at the Austin Owl Club and Steakhouse.  We stopped there our last time through, and really like the food......we were not disappointed this time either.  I had the French Dip last time, and loved it, so this time we both ordered it.  It was a little cold and blustery outside, and a hot sandwich with coffee seemed just right to me....TLE opted for ice water......brrrrrr!

On Thursday we crossed about 8, or 9 passes ranging from the highest at 7,400' to just over 6,000' was pretty much an "up and down" day, but the DD did her job well.  We got listen to the "jake brake" echoing off the hillsides, mountains, and guard rails all day long.

We took a break at the top of the the pass just before Austin, and then a third break just past Fallon at a Shell Gas Station a little after the sun had set.  Although I really don't like driving the coach at night, if I hadn't been on the road last night I wouldn't have seen this amazing sunset of which my camera phone had a hard time capturing the full magnitude.

We arrived at our RV park around 6:15, and were quickly led to our 70' spot.....this is a Passport America park, so our daily rate is 1/2 the normal cost....$78!  We will be in Carson City for 4 days visiting friends and relatives (Mom, I am in contact with Lois, and we are getting together Sunday).  The forecast (guess) for the next four days is for highs in the mid to high 60's.....YAY!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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