Saturday, November 23, 2013


One of my least favorite things about Southern California are the Santana Winds that swoop down out of the high desert and down through Cajon Pass at random times during the Fall and Winter months.  After rain all day Thursday the Santana Winds struck about 3 am Friday morning, and continued on all day Friday sometimes gusting up to 40 mph.....not too bad by Santana standards, but bad enough to make us finally get up around 5 am and put the patio and window awnings in. When we still lived in our sticks and bricks home the high winds, sometime up into the 70-80 mph range, would cause our home to shake as if there were an earthquake in progress.  I went back to bed, but I don't think I really slept.....I just lay there refusing to get up too early.

The forecasters (guessers) said we would have wind until 10 pm Friday evening, and that is we got, mixed in with a little rain toward late afternoon.  This was the first wintery day we've had since we arrived in RJRP, and it was cold!  I had some plans to do some work outside, but I quickly decided to work on some projects inside the coach instead.  The wind continued to buffet the coach all day causing it to rock quite a bit from time to time, but we were "as snug as two bugs in a rug" inside our dry, heated environment.

Friday's, of course, mean the weekenders will be coming back into the's like someone flipping the vacuum switch back on, but in reverse, as you watch RV after RV arrive in the park .  With a few hours our secluded, lightly populated community turns into a small teaming city with all the urban sounds......loud radios blasting, lots of vehicles going hither and yon, little kids riding every sort of human powered conveyance you can imagine.  Normally, in the past, on the weekend before Thanksgiving RJRP has been relatively quiet, but since we have been gone the past 21 months that has changed.  The park has become so popular that it is pretty much full 52 weekends out of the year now....just more so on the big holiday weekends....summer, or winter.

Our neighborhood is filling up again

Because of the inclement weather we did not do much else Friday....TLE read, and I puttered around....hoping for better weather Saturday and Sunday so I can get to those outdoor projects!

Around 4:40 I looked out the window to see this amazing sunset that my small phone camera tried hard to capture properly, but it was way better in person.

Not much else to report for Friday......we watched an episode of "Bones" and were in bed before 10 pm......just a couple of old fogies I guess....:D

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  1. While I was growing up in San Diego, we always called Santa Ana winds. There's a Wiki article that also calls it that - Maybe it's a regional preference - Santana vs Santa Ana.

  2. Hey Mike....don't know what to say.....native Southern Californian since 1949 here.....have always called them Santanas.....either way....I don't like them.


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