Sunday, November 3, 2013

Day of Rest

Everybody needs a day off at least once a week......especially moi.  It seems I'm loosing sight of what "retired" means doesn't it?  Come on, I can hear the discreet whispers in the background......."he's lost his way"....."he thinks he's 19 again"......."he doesn't seem to know how to relax, and stay retired".  I've been working way too much the past 6 weeks, and doing very little retired, living on the road, nomadic vagabond type stuff.  So, Saturday, it was time for a change of pace.

On Wednesday, or Thursday my brother, Dwyer, suggested we drive up to Park City (a well know ski resort) for dinner.  I had no idea how close time wise Park City was.  We, of course, agreed.....but wait, I get ahead of myself.

For the first time this past week we got up and did pretty much nothing most of the day.....okay, I did one important thing.....emptied the black and gray tanks.....we had plenty of "room" left in both tanks, but we will be leaving in a couple of days, and I prefer to leave with mostly empty waste tanks.  Thankfully there is a sewer cleanout conveniently located in the middle of Dwyer's driveway with a nice brass plate over it, and a cap that screws out for access.....this is probably one of the nicest cleanouts I have used, including my own at home.

After that I watched some college football and took a nap....or two....until it was time to leave for Park City around 3:30.....the drive up took less than 40 minutes, which passed quickly.  Dwyer had made reservations at the Stein Eriksen Lodge restaurant.....apparently a very well known restaurant in these parts.  Park City, like a lot of ski areas in Utah and Colorado, started its life as a mining town back in the 1800's, but has transformed itself into a world class ski area, which actually hosted some Winter Olympic events when Salt Lake City hosted them in 2002.

Our dinner reservations were not until 6, so we decided to hang out at the Wasatch Brew Pub and Brewery for an hour, or so.  Lori's favorite brew there is the Jalapeno Cream Ale.  Dwyer, TLE and I had a pint of their Polygamy Porter Nitro, and TLE also got a sampler of the Jalapeno Cream Ale for us to, a real peppery after taste!  If you every find yourself at this establishment you must try it.  We also ordered an appetizer of chips and salsa to kind of take the edge off our appetites......I had only had a couple of pieces of toast for breakfast, and half a sandwich for lunch.....apparently none of us had eaten much all day in anticipation of our dinner at The Stein Eriksen Lodge that night.

"The Lovely Lori" and "The Lovely Elaine"....Lori, I'm sorry I caught you with your eyes closed......:D

We hung out until about 5:30, then took a short site seeing drive around Park City and Deer Valley before arriving at The Stein Eriksen Lodge.  Their restaurant is a Forbe's 4 star restaurant, and I can see why.....the Filet I had was one of the top 3 I have ever had.  Their wine list is 57 pages long with some bottles of wine exceeding $1,000.  

Internet file photos of the grand entrance, and the dinning room

Out on the deck before dinner

After dinner pose

We enjoyed a leisurely 2 hour dinner, which almost rose to the level of the great conversation we had.  The service was exceptional, as was the food and ambiance.   For my first course I had the Garden Tomatoes and Housemade Ricotta, and for the main course I had the Double R Ranch Beef Tenderloin (Filet Mignon).

We arrived back home just before 10 pm (really 9 pm as Sunday morning at 2 am the time rolls back one hour), said our good nights and headed into the coach....what a great evening!!

We have delayed our departure for one more day (Monday) as it will rain Sunday and we don't like hitting the road in the rain, plus Dwyer has a little more finishing work to do in the salon area.  Hard to believe we have already been here a week.

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