Friday, November 29, 2013


I was so involved this morning composing my Thanksgiving blog that I forgot to write about what happened Wednesday.

When last I left off we were going to have to move our "home" three sites over to site  261 to make way for Thanksgiving folks who had reserved our site (258) back in July......however, we couldn't move until after 12 noon as the person who had a trailer there did not arrive to move his trailer until then. So, until then we played a waiting game hoping the people who had reserved our site did not arrive before we could move.  In the interim I took care of a couple of repair was the light in the water bay wasn't working....turned out the ground wire had come loose.....a simple fix, but that light is very hard to get at....I had to practically stand on my head to get it out, and then in again.

Finally the gentleman in site 261 arrived, and moved his trailer out so we could finish moving into his vacated spot.....moving was actually the easy took the rest of the afternoon to set everything back up for our 4 day stay.....then we'll do it all over again to move back to our permanent site on Sunday.

I finally finished  around 4 and was ready for a beer.....we had heard there was a new place in downtown Riverside called Heroes, so we decided to head over and see what beers they had on tap......we were a little disappointed in their selection which consisted mainly of IPA's and assorted Lite beers (no Porters, or Stouts)........not my favorites, so we ended up ordering two 22 ounce Rogue Chocolate Stouts.  There are 2, or 3 new micro breweries in town so we'll check them out over the next couple of weeks.

Hero's - Rogue Brewery Chocolate Stout

That was pretty much our Wednesday........of course RJRP started filling up early Wednesday afternoon, and was 90% occupied by the time the gates closed at 10 pm.

We'll be having Thanksgiving dinner Thursday at my daughter Kate's home, just a few miles away, right here in Riverside where we will be joined by Sharon, Meredith and Tim, as well as Sharon's boyfriend Rod.

Thanks for stopping by!

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