Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Life Actually....

There are days, like Monday for instance....or even the last few days, when it seems like there is not much to write about.  It seems I could just write "I got up, the sun came up, I spent a few hours in the Kiosk, I came home and dumped the black tank, took a nap, cleaned one of the rental cabins, washed the trailer, watched Monday Night Football, went to bed", and that would sum up my day.  On the other hand, who would want to read that? ....well, okay, I guess two of my sisters-in-law would.....:D

Or, I guess I could write about what I didn't do......I didn't have to spend 90 minutes crawling through endless rush hour traffic trying to get to my workaday job only 30 miles away just so I could turn around in a few hours and do the same trying to get home.......I didn't have every hour of my day claimed by schedules and activities proscribed by others.....I didn't have to be anywhere I didn't choose to be.....I didn't have to mow the lawn.....I didn't have to take the trash cans out to the street to be picked up by the trash man......I didn't have to get dressed up in a suit and tie......I didn't have to shave........all I had to do was wake up in parkland like I do every day in Rancho Jurupa Regional Park, and walk a few hundred feet to my volunteer job and spend time with my wife, and other nice people for a few hours.

I guess that is the essence of our nomadic life.....we do what we choose to do and when we want to do it.....right now we choose to be here in RJRP for 2 months.....at the end of our commitment, and time with our kids and grand kids we'll choose to roll our wheels, and change our view once again.  We will not have had to go through escrow, or sign any papers to move.  We have no long term leases to honor, no long term jobs to honor.....what we do have is time to spend doing whatever strikes our fancy.  We have all the time we need......

So, for those of you who like details,here are the details......the weather, once again, was spectacular......high 60's.....almost balmy......no wind!  On Monday we had Kiosk duty beginning at 6:30 am.  We knew that since both lakes had been stocked the prior Friday there would be fishermen lined up outside the gate, and sure enough there were!  There was about 45 minutes of one car after another, but between TLE, Terri and I we handled it just fine.  After that there was a car every 5-10 minutes, which kept us hopping for most of our 5 hour shift.

During our down times on our shift we enjoyed conversing with Terri, Ranger Kim, Supervising Ranger Robyn, Vera and Rick.....all fun, interesting people....what a great collection of people to work with.....not a sour note in the bunch.

By the time 11:30 rolled around I was ready for a nap....I just don't do too well on 6 hours sleep anymore.....so after having a sandwich for lunch I lay down for an hour.  Around 1 we headed over to clean cabin #2....we'll finish cabin #1 Tuesday.  TLE headed into Rancho Cucamonga to babysit two of our grandkids, and I set about dumping the black tank......one thing I have found is it goes much faster when you have adquate water pressure!  I dump the tank the first time I refill it with fresh water and dump it again at least two times, sometimes 3 times, just to be sure all the debris is gone.  Being somewhat "religious" about flushing the tank has kept us free of unpleasant odors over the years.

Next I tackled the job of washing the trailer, which hasn't had any attention on its exterior for at least a month....that took the better part of 90 minutes, but she cleaned up quite nicely.

TLE returned home from her babysitting job about 5;30, and we settled in for the night....I watched MNF, while TLE read.....the 49'ers handled the Redskins pretty handily....then it was time for bed.

Speaking of time.....here is a great YouTube video of the Chambers Brothers from 1967..."Time Has Come Today"....one of my favorites from the 60's......enjoy!

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  1. Who would want to read this? I would and I do enjoy reading it everyday! as I'm certain many others do but just don't have time to comment as they must "get to work". lol Thanks again, Greg


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