Sunday, November 17, 2013

Full Cup

My basic nature is to see the proverbial "cup" as half empty, not half full.  It doesn't mean there is something wrong with me, but is something I have come to learn about myself........I must resist that pessimistic instinct.   The thought of coming home after being gone for 21 months was, because of my nature, a little disconcerting.  Right now I am seeing my "cup" as not just half full, but completely full......fuller beyond my expectations.    Our first 3 days home have been wonderful.....almost magical.....and if I would have been seeing it through my usual "half empty" eyes I would have missed so much.

Saturday started out cold, dreary, and drizzly.....the kind of day where my instinct would be to stay inside out of the moisture.  As a professional soccer referee I spent enough time out in the elements ranging from rain, wind, snow, sleet, etc. and now I prefer not to do so.  Nevertheless, TLE and I had made a commitment to our daughter, Kate, to join her at the Ontario Soccer Complex near our "sticks and bricks" home to watch our granddaughter play in the U-8 (under 8 years old) soccer league at 10 am, so we were in the car at 9:30 headed west on SR-60 as rain pelted the windshield.  As we passed by I-15 the rain stopped.....okay, the cup is getting fuller...:D

 By the time we arrived at the soccer complex the drizzle had stopped, but it was still very I can handle!  Charlise plays soccer in AYSO Region 583.....TLE and I were two of the original founding board members of Region 583 back in 1987, and were on the board for over 16 years before we finally retired.....long after we had any children still playing soccer.  As a result we made a lot of good friends over the years, and some of them are still involved in the Region.  Kate mentioned that one of my friends, Ken Mangelsdorf, was the current Regional Commissioner, and was probably there on site, so I walked over to the information  desk, and found Ken there in his familiar spot.  Ken and I spent countless evenings over the years at City Council meetings trying to get this very soccer complex built.....Ken way more evenings than I, so it is so nice to see it finally has been built after 27 years of effort, and many broken promises by the City Council.  Ken and I spent about 20 minutes catching up before I excused myself to get back to Charlie's soccer game.

We headed home after Charlie's game stopping off at Stater Brothers (local supermarket chain) to see if they were still carrying my favorite Snap-E-Tom Tomato and Chile Cocktail.......yes they are, and they have the big cans!  We snapped up 10 of them.

Around 3:45 we headed back out to watch my 13 year old grandson, Christopher (son of my son Chris)  play baseball in a local winter ball league......of course, as we arrived the drizzle began hitting the windshield again....uggghhh!  Once again I chose to ignore the drizzle, and got out of the car anyway.....the drizzle stopped shortly thereafter and we had a delightful time talking with my son and his wife, and then my son's in-laws, Ed and Linda, whom we hadn't seen for almost 2 years.  We are blessed that we really like my son's in-laws a lot, and have been on vacations with them on several occasions.

We left the game in the 4th inning to head back to Rancho Jurupa where our kids were gathering again to have dinner and another campfire together......and what a great evening it was!  We had chili prepared by the loving hands of Jeannie (my brother, Phil's wife) and corn bread prepared by my daughter Meredith.  We sat around the campfire for about 4 hours talking and laughing.

Just after 10 pm we said our "until next times", and packed it in for the evening......yep, the cup is way past half full.....there is no "empty" around here!  Much better to see the world through my "half full eyes"....

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