Sunday, November 10, 2013

Time Machine

For TLE and I Lake Tahoe is like a time machine.  My history with "The Lake" (Tahoe is from the Washoe Indian Tribe language which simply means "The Lake") began in 1954, and  TLE's in 1967.  For us coming to Lake Tahoe is like coming home.   Memories are planted all around this lake as thick as the squaw cabbage that grows wherever civilization has not yet encroached.    In August of 1971 we spent our honeymoon on the south shore of this amazing lake, and we have been back often in winter, spring, summer and fall.  Each of my brothers spent their honeymoons here, also.  

Saturday we decided to drive up US HWY 50 into the Tahoe Basin to drive around its 72 mile circumference.  We started our journey back in time around 10:15 am and caught our first glimpse of Tahoe around 10:45.  As we wound our way around the southern end of the lake through Stateline, South Lake Tahoe and then up to Emerald Bay we marveled at how little has seemingly changed since 1971.  Nothing better than to take this drive on a clear fall day.

We stopped off briefly at a local RV park where we hope to spend next summer (2014) doing a workamping gig.  It has always been a dream of ours to spend an entire summer at Lake Tahoe, and now it appears that dream will come to fruition next May!  We found out about this opportunity from our nomadic friends Debby and Bill (Bill and Debby's Wild Ride) this past summer.  They spent the summer of 2013 at this same RV park, and recommended it very highly.  We met with Billy, one of the owner/managers, for about 15 minutes, and are very excited about being back here next summer....YAY!!

By this time it was around 11:30 we began our journey up HWY 89 toward Emerald Bay.  As we passed by historic Camp Richardson we talked about stopping in Tahoe City to have lunch at the Bridgetender Tavern where we have had many meals over the years.  This restaurant sits right on the banks of the Truckee River, and right next to the famous "Fanny Bridge".  Fanny Bridge got its name from all the tourists who lean over the railings of the bridge to see the enormous rainbow trout swimming below.  From the street all you can see is Fanny's during the summer months.

Internet photo....I don't know any of these

However, once again I get a little ahead of myself......we first stopped off at Emerald Bay for our usual picture with Tea Island in the background.

Emerald Bay - 1974

 Emerald Bay - 2013

We've been taking pictures at this spot since the early 70's.....the first one above was taken in 1974.  Even in late Fall there were a lot of people at this spot Saturday taking pictures.  It is one of our favorites spots at Lake Tahoe where we return without fail every time we visit Lake Tahoe.

From there we continued our drive on past Rubicon Bay to Meeks Bay.....unfortunately the Meeks Bay Resort was closed for the season so I snapped this picture.  We have camped at Meeks Bay often over the years.  By the time we decided to press on it was warm enough to drop the top on the 'Bird and enjoy the crisp autumn air!

We then passed on through Tahoma, Homewood, Tahoe Vista, and Tahoe Taverns eventually finding ourselves on the shores of the Truckee River.  We parked in the visitors lot across from the Bridgetender Tavern and walked in around 12:30 on the dot, and not a moment too soon.  Within minutes after we were seated it was SRO in the restaurant.  I ordered my ususal Blue Cheese Bacon Burger and chased it with a pint of Moose Drool.  TLE ordered their Clam Chowder and also chased it with a Moose Drool.  I love continuity, and Saturday was about continuity for us us right down to the Blue Cheese Bacon is good.

 "Fanny Bridge" - built in 1928
Truckee River outlet at Tahoe City

While we were sitting there reminiscing I got a message on Facebook from my good friend Don Neff, who in his later years has become quite an artist, saying that the gallery he shows his pictures at was just a couple of miles further down the road.  So, after finishing our lunch we drove over to the James-Harold Galleries on the east side of Tahoe City to see some of Don's work (you can find more of his paintings at  I have only seen photographs of Don's work, so it was a treat to see them in person.  I took pictures of a few of my favorites.......of course most of his pictures are my favorites, because they are of places I love in the Eastern Sierra....Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Squaw Valley, Truckee, etc.

 Yosemite Valley

 Lake Tahoe

 Truckee River in downtown Truckee

A scene above Squaw Valley as seen from the gondola

The gallery is right next door to the Safeway Supermarket that has been there for as long as I can remember......and it is still there, and is still a I said....CONTINUITY!

We journeyed on south through Carnelian Bay, Kings Beach, Crystal Bay, Sand Harbor, Spooner Lake,  and on back the over the hill on US HWY 50 to Carson City arriving home around 2:30 pm having covered just over 110 did not seem that far, or long.  

It was a great day for memories, and just enjoying one of the most beautiful areas of our great country.

Later that evening we hooked up again with our long time college friend, Terri, who brought a nice bottle of wine over.  We talked for several hours before we agreed we were too old to be up this late and said our "until next times".

I, apparently, fell asleep in my recliner watching the UCLA football game, waking up just in time to seem them clinch victory  over the Arizona Wildcats by 5 poinnts with 60 seconds to go.  USC won their game big (62-28) over Cal.

Another day lived well........thanks for stopping by!


  1. The best kind of post are the ones where we hear about you day and learn about things, places and events that made you who you are. Great post, Clarke!


  2. Thank you Dave, Kelly and Odie Boggs!


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