Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Baker's Dozen

So happy to be rolling again, but so sad to be leaving my brother and sister-in-law's home after 8 days.  We had a great time spending evenings with them and talking for hours over lovingly prepared meals.  And, of course, the work Dwyer did to help us put the finishing touches on our remodel were invaluable, and greatly appreciated.

We woke up to heavy snow Tuesday morning......I had just finished my daily blog entry when I opened the front curtains to see snow everywhere.

To say the least, departure Tuesday morning was looking iffy.......we like driving in snow even less than rain, so for a brief time we anticipated not leaving South Jordan Tuesday......but just a brief time....within an hour the snow had stopped, the sun came out and the snow began to melt.....whew!

Once we saw the weather clearing around 9:30 we began getting ready to leave  and by 11 am the weather as looking good enough to travel.  We said our "until next times" to Dwyer and Lori and then headed to a local fuel station to "pay the rent".  We were down just under 1/2 a tank of diesel, and it will only cost more the further west we go, so we took on 105 gallons at $3.68 per gallon.  From there it was a short hop to I-15 where we merged into the southbound lanes just about 11:30 am.

We drove south on I-15 to exit 244 and US HWY 6 for about 70 miles west until we hit US HWY 50, and then southwest another 90 miles through some of the most desolate, deserted country we have seen in some time........"some time" being almost exactly 5.5 years since we drove this same highway.

We stopped briefly in Delta, UT on the side of the road where TLE made me a sandwich while I drained some 40 weight oil into the crankcase (we were about 2 quarts low), and then we continued on the final 90 miles into Baker, NV.  What I did not realize was that as soon as we crossed the Nevada state line we entered Pacific Standard Time.    The Border Inn and RV Park  straddles the state line with the motel rooms on the Utah side, and the RV park on the Nevada side.  The RV section of this oasis has improved since we were last here......the sites are level, there are full hookups, and the water spigots are heated to prevent freezing.  For us is it a great overnight spot.  Since we are at the eastern most end of the PST here at the border the sun went down for us at 4:24 pm.....on the Utah side, just a few yards away, it went down at 5:24 pm.

Not long after the sun set the temperature was dropping quickly into the 30's.  Yes, it is good to be on the road again, and it is good to see the vast open spaces again.  We have just over 800 miles to travel in the next 9 days before we reach home, and are looking forward to a nice, leisurely pace.


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