Monday, November 4, 2013

Finishing touches.....


The overnight temperatures got quite cold Saturday night, and by 9 am Sunday it was SNOWING!  It snowed for a couple of hours, sometimes quite heavily, and had just started to "stick" when it began to clear.  Even though the sun eventually came out around Noon, it never got much above 40 degrees the rest of the day, and combined with the mild wind we had it felt closer to freezing, if not below freezing.  Due to the super cold weather, and snow we didn't get around to the final finishing touches on our interior remodel until around Noon time.

It was nice to take a day off from our whirlwind remodeling of the floors, salon, furniture, etc., but it was time we got back down to business to try and knock off the last few "fit and finish"  details before we start rolling our wheels again.  We needed to get the new "stair nose" installed, and that was a job for my brother.  There was a lot of last  minute leveling, and smoothing of the surfaces around the top of the stairs before the "stair nose" could be cut, fitted and installed.  Additionally, there were about 20 feet of quarter round that needed to be installed in four areas.  Dwyer arrived around 1:30 and by 4:45 had the final installation of the "stair nose" and quarter round work done, and it looks great!

 "Stair nose" around the top of the stairs

 Quarter round under the vanity in the bathroom

 Quarter round under the floor mirror in the bedroom

Quarter round along the passenger side wall between the stairs and the passenger seat

Of course, in the background was the sound of NFL football......the two morning games went right down to the wire, and in the afternoon the Seahawks staged another miraculous comeback from 21 points down to win over the winless Buccaneers, and the same for the Colts, who came from 21 points down in the nightcap to defeat the Texans.

I was feeling a little "under the weather" so I didn't do too much other than supervise the work going on around me, and watch football.   As a result of my not feeling well I never got around to organizing the trailer for departure Monday, and it is still going to be very, very cold then, so we have delayed our departure until Tuesday morning.  I'll spend Monday getting ready to go.  I think it's a good decision to wait as the trend is for warming the next 6 days along the route we are going to travel.  All of that being said, that is one of the blessings of this lifestyle.....there is no compelling reason why we had to leave Sunday, or Monday, so it's easy to go along with the "Jello" and not fight it.

What is the route we will be traveling over the next 10 days, you ask?  We'll initially head south on I-15, but leave the Interstate just below Utah Lake heading west on HWY 50 (The Loneliest Road in America)  across Nevada to Carson City, NV where we will pick up one of our favorite US Highways.....HWY 395,  We love this north to south route along the Eastern Sierra, and through Owens Valley, and have traveled it a hundred times over the years.....we never get tired of it, and the amazing scenery.....stay tuned for our continuing adventures.  We will once again pick up I-15 about 45 miles from our home.

Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. - I am feeling better this morning....Monday.

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  1. We drove across Nevada on highway 50 about 6 years ago in our car. I loved the remote nature of the route. We stopped at Great Basin National Park for a brief visit and thought Carson City would be a fun place to spend a day or two. Enjoy your travels!


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